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Beware; Laporta's Wrath

In Exclusives on October 14, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

After yesterday’s shocking discovery where it was revealed Bracelona ace Lionel Messi had Arsenal DNA flowing through his system, Barcelona’s big guns are reported to be quite angry and have since hit back furiously at Arsenal. It is ‘understood’ (via an ‘inside’ source) that Laporta, in a fit of rage, smashed the trophy cabinets and cursed the ‘horrible’ club that is Arsenal to hell.

Furthermore, it is ‘understood’ that in order to put one over Arsenal, they shall now tap up Silvestre and will not rest until they have signed him on a multi-million dollar contract that shall see him not only captain Barcelona but enable them to replace the ‘trophies’ that Laporta smashed to tiny bits (which in truth helped him come up with the Silvestre coup – so it wasn’t a lost cause – ed.)

There you have it gooners, one of the biggest coups in the history of football and we’re the lucky few to be able to live through it and tell our future generations. Exciting times these.

In regular, quite not so exciting news, Cesc Fabregas has hailed the return of Tomas Rosicky as that of a new signing saying:

“I think he has done very well and he gives you so many options,  you can see straight away the vision he has, the touch, the class that he plays with. It’s great to have him in the team.”

Which is about right if you ask me, Rosicky’s vision pace and technique are par none, however it remains to be seen wether he’d be able to stay injury free or not. Speaking of injuries, Samir Nasri is all set to make his Arsenal return as well, he’d provide competition for places and also provide us with another option along with squad rotation but where the boss plans to play him is another story.

Right I’d say that’s about enough excitement for you lot for today. Hopefully we’ll have more on the Messi-Silvestre story as it unfolds in the coming few days. Keep your fingers crossed. Happy days ahead.



TGB EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal close in on Messi Jan deal

In Arsenal FC,Exclusives on October 13, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor understands that Arsenal will sign Lionel Messi in the January transfer window after it has emerged to Barcelona that Messi contains Arsenal DNA, reportedly shocking Barcelona president Joan Laporta so much that he had to be locked up in a padded cell whilst he exploded in a mix of rage and disappointment.

The Catalan was reportedly heard bellowing: “Cesc turned us down and now those horrible beasts from North London have got their paws on Lio, how dare he have Arsenal in his DNA”.

The story will hit the pressers in the coming days but one does find it ironic that just days after Laporta himself forced midfielder Xavi to claim Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has Barcelona DNA and will naturally return to the country of his birth whenever they click their fingers.

The transfer is reportedly free as it triggers a clause in Messi’s contract declaring that if his DNA matches any other club he can move there hassle free and without hindrance from the Barcelona hierarchy.

Spanish daily SPORT still insist that Cesc is on his way to the Camp Nou after declaring that when Cesc scored against Blackburn, and appeared to be kissing the Arsenal crest, he was actually SPITTING on it.

A SPORT insider claimed: “I know to all and sundry it may appear that Francesc, the Catalan, was kissing his Arsenal crest but I can assure you that he was in-fact spitting on it, he was showing his ever increasing desire to move to the Barcelona motherland. Of course this reporting has NOT been affected by a rather large deposit of money into my bank account from an associate of Barcelona CF. Oh no.”

Barca football director Txiki Begiristain has reportedly traveled to his local chapel where he is seeking forgiveness from God for all the tapping up he has done, he has recently tried to sign all of Pele’s top 150 living footballers on pre-contracts, regardless of age.

We, at, have managed to get our hands on an incriminating picture of Messi signing for Arsenal:


Arsenal sign Messi

Shocking revelations from Barca HQ

After years of having to put up with Barcelona trying to steal their finest, it seems Arsenal have pulled off the ultimate coup. It spells the end for Laporta who is currently under sedation and investigation by FIFA for tapping up every footballer known to man.

The latest rumours from the Barca camp are that Titus Bramble has been signed on a pre-contract. but Titus himself has said “I am currently at a big club here at Wigan, why would I want to move to a smaller club in decline? I have not been paid to say this, pwomise”

So there you have it, one of the finest footballers to grace the green fields of football is on their way to Arsenal. The rumours are already starting in Barcelona about Lionel Messi being disillusioned with life at Arsenal.

Who was it that said the Interlull is boring?


Exclusive: What REALLY happened in the stands against City

In Arsenal FC,Exclusives on September 18, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I have managed to get hold of one Arsenal fan that was in the stands, directly at the front when everything kicked off against City after Adebayor’s goal celebrations.

As it turns out, the ‘Elephant’ song, as it is being coined in the press, was not sung in the stands at all. It was the ‘Arshavin version’.

It turns out City fans were throwing missiles at our fans throughout the game with Gooners being hit on the head with coins, fans that were arrested were walked through the City fans and spat at. Stewards were also guilty of inciting fans.


What was the atmosphere like towards Adebayor before the game and up to the point of his scoring?

The atmosphere was full of hatred towards Ade, he copped for plenty of stick, Every touch of the ball the gooners screamed ‘Wa**er’.

Were the Arsenal fans singing that Elephant song?

I heard the Elephant song being song on the concourse on entering the stadium, it was not song out on the stands ( not what i heard).

When the trouble started, what happened and how did the stewards and police react?

After scoring his goal Ade ran towards us there was only 4-5 stewards stood at front of stand, i threw the stool just as he slid to his knees. Lots of fans were streaming down steps towards front when reinforcements of Police and stewards arrived. fans were pushing and jostling with Police and stewards for quite a while after game had restarted. The Stewards were swearing at fans, I was arrested just as Citeh scored their 4 goal i was taken through Citeh fans who spat at me.

After the game did any trouble kick off between fans?

I’m led to believe there was aggro after the game, the police station i was in stared filling up with fans from 1700hrs.

It can be seen on a few video’s that the police had to stop some of the City fans getting to the Arsenal fans…presumably looking to cause trouble, were you aware of this at the time?

The Citeh fans to our right were chucking coins, a chap stood in front of me was struck by a coin also a friend in the upper tier was struck.Apart from that it was more goading by Citeh fans.

What was the reasoning of many of the fans so called ‘abuse’ towards Adebayor? Anger at his treatment of the club? His pre-match comments about the Arsenal fans?

His abuse was borne from his lack of effort last season with his pay rise and flirting with Milan was the main cause, his pre match comments only fulled the flames.
This game was sold out very quickly & tickets were hard to come-by as people wanted to let the c**t know how they felt.


In other news today you will have seen that Adebayor has issued some sort of warped justification of his celebration last weekend.

He just got stick that players get week in, week out. As you can see above the racist version of the Adebayor song (sung mainly by City fans when he played for us) was not roundly sung in the stands.

Cesc has waded into the row with pictures of his leg cut by Adebayor in a challenge.

This is hopefully the last mention all this will get, I’m fed up of talking about it and quite frankly, Adebayor doesn’t deserve the attention he is currently getting.

Match preview tomorrow, til’ then.


Injury crisis is worrying + young gun insults Wenger

In Arsenal FC,Exclusives on April 10, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor Tagged: , , , , ,

Happy bank holiday, but this won’t make for happy reading.

As we already guessed, William Gallas will be out for the season after that accident against Villarreal. It has been confirmed that it is indeed medial knee ligament damage and that is not a few weeks on the sidelines, its months. As it turns out we have also lost Almunia for what looks like three weeks with an ankle injury that was originally sustained from that despicable excuse for a human being…El Hadji Diouf.

Gael Clichy is also going to be on the sidelines for a couple of weeks with a back injury sustained in Tuesday’s game as well…  At this rate Bakary Sagna’s head is going to fall off after the Wigan game whilst Kolo Toure suffers an influx of Gout after next weeks return leg in the Champions League.

Wenger said this at his press conference yesterday:

“Gallas is a quick recoverer but we think he will be short to come back before the end of the season, It’s a big, big blow but that’s where the squad come in. I believe as well we have lost Manuel Almunia for three weeks and we lost Gael Clichy for two weeks with a back problem. We lost three players on Tuesday night so we have to once again rely on the depth in the squad – that is quite strong. As well we have to rely on our mental strength because until now we have dealt well with all our injury problems. Robin van Persie and Eduardo will have tests tomorrow morning. They might be available. And of course we have Andrey Arshavin available for Saturday.”

This could not come at a worse time. We could face Man United potentially FOUR more times this season, add that to two clashes against Chelsea (exc. CL) and a game against Liverpool (exc. CL), it means we need our strongest defence out there. With all due respect to Kolo, Sagna Gallas is our best defender, he is better than Kolo, better than Bakary, better than Gael, Djourou and Silvestre. Its a massive loss. In my view no player has redeemed himself more this season than Willy Gallas.

Take a look at the oncoming fixtures:

Saturday, 11 April 2009
Barclays Premier League
Wigan v Arsenal, 15:00

Wednesday, 15 April 2009
UEFA Champions League
Arsenal v Villarreal, (agg 1-1), QF, L2, 19:45

Saturday, 18 April 2009
The FA Cup sponsored by E.ON
Arsenal v Chelsea, SF, 17:15

Tuesday, 21 April 2009
Barclays Premier League
Liverpool v Arsenal, 20:00

Sunday, 26 April 2009
Barclays Premier League
Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 13:30

Saturday, 02 May 2009
Barclays Premier League
Portsmouth v Arsenal, 15:00

Sunday, 10 May 2009
Barclays Premier League
Arsenal v Chelsea, 16:00

Saturday, 16 May 2009
Barclays Premier League
Man Utd v Arsenal, 12:45

Add to that a potential CL Semi Final tie against Porto or Man Utd  on the 29th April and 5th May and you can see the task ahead of us.

Its humongous.

Onto a certain Paul Rodgers now (see profile), he is currently on loan at Northampton Town FC.

He was seen out on the town and when approached, Rodgers was asked what he though of Wenger. His reply was: ‘he is a cunt’. The reasoning behind this was: ‘he is always hanging around Adebayor’, he also took the time to call Cesc a ‘legend’.

Its disappointing to hear, it really is. Some people do not know when they are well off. It seems he is also on a mission to impress by claiming Villa are after him… This is a player League 2 sides turned down when they were offered his services.

Right, hopefully tomorrow there will be some better news. Enjoy your day off.

’til then.


SOURCE REPORT: Kroenke Set For Arsenal Takeover In The Summer Following L-Nina's Departure

In Arsenal FC,Exclusives on December 18, 2008 by Highbury N5 Editor Tagged:

Morning readers; settle down for the long one!

Late on Wednesday evening news of a board ‘re-shuffle’ emerged with two long time members of the club leaving, one being a major shareholder of the club and thus, now making this member immune to the ‘lockdown agreement’ created to stave off takeover interest.

At this point I’ll try and make things simpler as its all rather complicated;

There are two bits;

  • Arsenal Holdings Plc (The Company)
  • Arsenal Football Club Plc (The Club)

Richard Carr announced his resignation from the Board of the Company having served as a director for twenty seven years. Richard will, however, remain a director of the club.

Peter Hill-Wood has commented on Carr’s resignation and his work as a director of the club,

“Richard Carr has been on the Board for 27 years. He has decided to step down from the Holding company Board but he is going to stay on the Football Club Board where he has been responsible for the Academy and Youth Development department. He has done a first-rate job there and we are very pleased he is going to continue to do that.”

There is an eery feeling around now, i understand arguments broke out at a meeting last Thursday, I’ll go into this more later but it remains possible that there was a disagreement over transfer strategy and possibly a takeover by Stan Kroenke.

The second, and most important departure is that of Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who’s family has been involved in the club for 70 years and she holds 15.9% of the club, the third biggest shareholder.

Hill-Wood said of her departure,

“Lady Nina has left the Board and we wish her well for the future.”

Now, compare that wording to the one of Richard Carr. Is that really how you talk about someone who has had links to the club in their family for 70 years?

No, that’s because she has seriously pissed them off.

Kroenke Takeover

A source with big Arsenal knowledge in the financial world has spoken and said that Stan Kroenke as in effect, already taken over Arsenal.

Its expected that Usmanov, who has lost a hell of a lot of his money in Russia is going to sell to Kroenke in the summer, hence the reason that we have money to spend in the January transfer window

When Hill-Wood invited Stan Kroenke on to the board it was effectively the start of the transition process according to the source. Usmanov apparently had discussions with Abu Dhabi for a sale before they bought City.

But, Stan Kroenke then said he wanted to buy as well so they backed off hence David Dein resigning from red and White Holdings. Then Stan Kroenke was reportedly introduced to the Arsenal Supporters Trust last week.

The strength of the Dollar over Sterling at the current time also seems to be a major factor in the Kroenke takeover according to my source.

Fiszman will probably leave in 2009/2010, with David Dein re-joining in the role of Director of Football.

It came to light to this source as soon as Glazidis was appointed last month, its common knowledge that Danny Fiszman and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith have wanted out of the club and are wanting to sell, Glazidis is believed not be ‘third party’ but to have been earmarked by Stan Kroenke for the role and it makes sense that his appointment is before January, when the club has money to spend and Glazidis’ strengths are in the transfer markets and dealing with the financial side of things.

Its apparent that the Guardians analysis of the happenings are far from accurate.

This is mooted to be a peaceful takeover with the blessing of the board, and the manager. Kroenke was invited onto the Arsenal board, and as i have already said, that was the first phase of the takeover.

My opinion on this is that it could well be a clean slate for the club that has been riddled with dodgy deals behind the scenes for years, Kroenke is a business man that is in it for the money but so are all the shareholders! Its a way of legally evading tax, the shareholders have not accepted dividends but that just saves tax.

The source went on to say that the shareholders are salaried employees of the club, a way of taking dividends under the radar. So often it is said that Arsenal have the second highest wage bill in the Premiership but that is including all staff at the club, including the shareholders.

These shareholders have not done any work for a hell of a long time, is it starting to become clearer?

I’ll add again, Usmanov is only interested in selling his shares worth over 100 million, he can’t afford to invest anymore due to his financial losses from the Russian Stock Market.

Maybe just maybe we could be moving into an era of spending and success at Arsenal Football Club, lets see how it unfolds in the next year.

What are your thoughts on this?

Can i please state that i have not by any means made this up, i have taken this information from a source who is in the financial world and has lots of knowledge about the Club. I would not stir things.

This is by no means fact, but it is a very real possibility

Right any questions fire away and i will do my best to answer them,

Til next time Gooners.

May i point you to the legal status of my writing and copying of my articles in my ‘about me’ section.