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Person writes blog.

Person writes a lot of blogs.

That is all that needs to be known.

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1) Walk out your door.

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3) Drive to your nearest cliff, ignore the warning signs.

4) Kindly drive off it.

This cliff would preferably be about 800ft in height, but if its high enough to endanger life it will be fine for this purpose.

Your case will progress from there.

Thankyou very much.

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14 Responses to “About”

  1. HI,i was wondering are you interested in link or banner exchange.I m waithing for you answer.

  2. Hi mate,i put also you link on my blog,but i can see my on your site.Can you tell me where is it’ cheers

  3. Should be up mate

  4. Thats more like it, wordpress rules…Linguistic excellence…couldn’t agree more

  5. thx for your information I hope all is true

  6. hey i mailed gooner news to add my blog to their feed and i got their reply accepting my request and they gave me the code for their widget. but i have tried it many times to get the widget there but in once i press save changes the code disappears and so the widget is not appearing on my site. what should i do?

  7. I iwll get back to you with the code mate.

  8. hi if you cant se the match on telly! here a link to a good strem site :)

    its the stream from setanta so english commentary

  9. i like da new header!! nice!!

  10. and u didn give me da code?!:-o

  11. btw…how do u think im doing with my blog? any suggestions?

  12. Thanks for the compliments. And regarding the striking similarity my blog has to yours, I have now changed the theme.

  13. Hey Gooner14,
    You guessed it right, I am from Pakistan… Why were you asking by the way?

  14. Nice nice Gooner14… I am from Rwp as well

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