Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland: Job done, next please

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10, Title chase 2009/10 last 13 games on February 22, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

It was a game we should have won on paper, and we did. No complaints.

I can’t give you an in depth analysis of the game to be honest, I didn’t see it due to work commitments, the same commitments that mean I will be missing the game against Stoke as well. Why can’t the schedulers work around me, eh? Why?!

From what I have heard the side flattered to deceive, chances were missed and as usual we had a hell of a lot of players missing. It was good to see Nicklas Bendtner score and it would be foolish to bet against him getting a few in the games coming up, he is a rhythm player and he is going to get a very decent run in the side in his favored position by the looks of things, it his time to shine. It was great movement to get on the end of the brilliant Eboue’s cross and a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

Onto Eboue, I’ve heard he had a very fine game indeed. I believe him to be the only player we have that will  get the ball and really run at people with pace and power, a type of player we sorely miss. We have contrasting options at right back with the more defensive Bakary Sagna and the offensive Emmanuel Eboue, a good conundrum to have. Eboue deserves to start against Stoke.

It was important we capitalised on more dropped points by United, leaving us two points behind but as they are not playing in the league next weekend, we can overtake them with a win away at Stoke, which is much easier said than done. It goes to show we are still in the mix, third favorites most definitely but this season has thrown up so many twists and turns who would bank on a few more in the final 10-11 games of the season?

Hopefully we will have a few more returnees against Stoke and its high time we gritted our teeth and went at them and won. Twice now they have made mugs of us, proved THEM right, and by ‘them’ you know who I mean, the doubters and critics. More than ever I want this team to prove them wrong, to shove their words down their throats so hard they come our their arse, we want to challenge? We must must win next weekend.

From reading around it seems Samir Nasri had a decent game which is good to see, maybe he has read some of the criticism I’ve given him recently. He has not been up to scratch, floating around on the edge of game is not living up to the 12 million quid price tag, he should be winning them and/or contributing to wins. I hope his performance was an improvement and he can carry that on next weekend because its gonna be a tricky one.

The same goes for Theo Walcott, there has been a lot of praise going around for his performance but excuse the sceptic in me when I say, if he wasn’t English, would the same things have been said? He was blinding in parts apparently, but in others…just the same old Theo, no end product. I hope it was an improvement. He’s been unlucky, a good run of form now would get him on the plane to South Africa.


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