Clean sheet in Porto more important than Song or Arshavin

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on February 13, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

A quick one today, tired, fed-up and want to go into hibernation with a view to waking up June/July sort of time with the temperature a nice 30 degrees and nothing to do apart from chill. Instead I have a freezing cold February to deal with, there’s so little daylight I’m starting to think I’m nocturnal.

The only real news on an Arsenal free weekend (that means its not a proper weekend really), is that Andrey Arshavin has an injured hamstring putting him out of action for around two weeks, as he hasn’t been in the best of form and has been carrying a foot problem it could be worse, but its not like we have much choice in the attacking three at the moment. Eduardo should be back though.

Song’s injury is less likely to keep him out of the Porto game, I can see the boss doing everything he can to get him fit though, placenta, feng shui, the whole works. He’s even started chasing him around with incense sticks and massaging him with Donkey sperm from what I have heard. He’s valuable is ‘ol Alex.

Looking ahead to the Porto game, the most important thing is a clean sheet, Porto do not travel well. A 0-0 would suit me down to the ground because I reckon we can stick three past them at the Emirates, especially with a rejuvenated Arshavin to terrorise them. We have to be careful in Portugal though, if we want to go far we have to defend better than we have done all season – thinking about it, thats not very hard.

I’m off to bed, enough of this rabbling. Who the hell is gonna read it anyway?

’til next time.

8 Responses to “Clean sheet in Porto more important than Song or Arshavin”

  1. who the hell is gonna read it ? well me and everybody else that follows…..i liked the article and i do believe its important we keep a clean sheet. maybe score a goal.

  2. Well, there are millions of gooners all over the world, so there is no need to be so pessimistic. It may be well past one’o clock in the UK, but it is only 8:10pm here in New Jersey, USA, and I am reading every Arsenal blog available on the net. And I am sure there are plenty out there like me.

    So, keep faith and continue to support the team, though I admit it is not always an easy task.

  3. We have to play better defense to advance in the CL. Cheer up Goon Blogger. I’m in Houston,Texas and I always check your posts. Arsenal are thru with the tuff games and are sure to hit form now! Keep The Faith!!

  4. Goonas lets keep the faith and pray for this guys to win at porto we need the cup very imp and lets try and tell mr wenga to pls sign a complete striker

  5. We gonna advance to the CL final with RVP fast recovering

  6. Clean sheet is irrelevant! We need to score, even a 2-1 defeat would not be too bad. The away goal is very important and I would be greatly disappointed with a 0-0 first leg score!

  7. Who the hell is gonna read it anyway?

    More than you think

  8. Guys, with my ‘who the hell is gonna read it comment’, its kinda been taken outta context, it wasnt a dig at readers or anything!!

    It was just tired late night ramblings, didn’t think anyone would be interested! Sorry for any misunderstanding

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