The buck stops with Arsene; we won’t win anything like this

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on February 8, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

Two games against fellow title contenders, two losses, we are not the first or second best team in the league, we have played against them four times this season, scored  2 conceded 11. We are simply not good enough but that could have been addressed in the transfer window, quite simply it wasn’t.

What we have is a team of tippy tappy players, there is no real drive and no real power, United have Rooney, Chelsea have Drogba …. up against them we have a pocket sized Andrey Arshavin who is a … you guessed it, playmaker.

Im a staunch Wenger supporter, I admire the guy greatly but he needs to accept this – we will not win the league without defending very, very well and some real power up front.

Our defence is a shambles, the ‘keeper is afraid, incompetent and well out of his depth, his number two is inexperienced and a rash decision maker, the position that the boss described as the ‘most important on the pitch’ is being filled by players that will be hard pushed to win a prestigious trophy in their career.

Our left back has been a wreck for the past season, the second choice got injured in a dispicable tackle by an angry Standard Liege player, the third choice … well, the truth is in the name. You don’t have quality third choices – thats not his fault.

Up front I don’t know how we are expected to win games with three identical players, it is food and drink for defenders. When Bendtner came on he won a free kick almost straight away by being more direct, that free kick almost ended up as a goal, we are just far to same-ish going forward, other teams know what to expect and just play us on the counter, where they nearly always end up scoring. Why can’t we adopt the approach of other teams and just bring the player breaking away down? Sod trying to tackle them fairly, if they are gonna score take them out without thinking twice, if its a yellow, fair enough.

We have so much quality yet so much naivety, the worst possible thing we could have done yesterday is concede first, because then we fly forward blindly and just get smashed, even the manager seemed to recognise this but what we have is a bunch of players that seem unable to think for themselves. On the pitch yesterday only Cesc, Arshavin and Vermaelen are exempt from that statement.

Going forward we are so so predictable, what’s the point in having the speed of Theo Walcott in a contained space? Its wasted. Even Cesc Fabregas couldn’t pick a pass to one of the cleverest movers in the league in Arshavin, we are so one dimensional in games like this. Technical ability counts for very little in the top games, its about power, war, strength and being clinical. We fail in every department.

If we had van Persie fit would it be different? In the past two games, no. In the games before it, yes, certainly.

What we really need is a defence. What got us to the last final we were in? A strong defence. Our coach then is now sitting in a BBC studio as a pundit. Get Martin Keown back on the training pitch with our defence, get it sorted out.

Its hard to say if we are out of the title race, but being in a race doesn’t mean that you will win it.

Next up we have Liverpool who are closing on us pretty quickly is has to be said, we lose to them they are two points behind us, suddenly our season looks a lot worse than it did a few weeks ago. The title is a million miles away at the moment and it seems that Arsene may be forced to eat his words, third place better than the FA Cup? Ermm, I’d take the cup thanks very much, nobody remembers who finished third.

Keeping on the subject of the boss, after the Chelsea game he claimed that Chelsea never went forward, they still managed to score two, what does that say about us? What does that do the the boss’s reputation of moaning? Sort it, and yourself out Arsene. It is about time we stopped hearing the same excuses.

Til tomorrow.


One Response to “The buck stops with Arsene; we won’t win anything like this”

  1. Wenger z taking us nowher he thinks we r an academy we groom players n giv èm 2 other tims just imagine wht he nearly built in è era of Flamini n Hleb we wer able 2 beat Milan wit Kaka n Pirlo. Wht did he do sell èm because èy wntd mani n he kept è lyks of Traore n ol dose youngsters wht if he sold èm used èir money 2 pay Hleb n flamini. Nw we don buy ani player n hope he cn win è league èn he z insane s è bosses hu dont tel 2 buy players.

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