Wilshere off to Bolton / O’Neill the irritant / Sagna Inter rumours

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window on January 29, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

The news that Jack Wilshere has gone off to Bolton on loan for the rest of the season is hardly unexpected, he needs game-time, Owen Coyle and the boss get on well and it is a deal in which everyone is a winner.

Jack probably needs to experience the rough and tumble he probably never has at Arsenal as he has been taught the ‘Arsenal way’ at every level, it will be a very worthwhile education for him in the world of football and the experience of a relegation dogfight should galvanise him a little bit.

I can’t stand Bolton but it could be a useful partnership developing between the two clubs, contrasting styles, different ends of the league, different methods, a good experience for any youngster to realise what side his bread is buttered on.

The fact that Martin O’Neill is called one of the very best British managers is laughable, his comments the other night showed his petulance and the pressure he is currently under. Arsene Wenger actually complimented his team but O’Neill, in a way only he could, took it as some kind of insult.

Despite some members of the press twisting the words he said, these are his exact comments:

“They play a very efficient English game, with long balls and it is very physical. They are a good side at counter attacking. When we took the gamble to go forward and they won the ball, they are quick and that is why it was always us managing to create chances and score, or them catching us on the counter attack or playing on Agbonlahor or Heskey with long balls.”

Insult? What insult? Get a grip O’Neill, if you concentrated on your teams lack of goals you might actually have scored more than a big fat zero in your last four games.

He chats as much bollocks as Bakary Sagna’s agent who, for the second time, is trying to get his clients name out into the press. Firstly it was him subtly hinting that Sagna was off to Real Madrid, this time he is saying IF Macion moves to Real Madrid, Inter Milan MIGHT be interested in Sagna. On this logic Lionel Messi MIGHT move to Arsenal, IF that happens and I soil myself in excitement I MIGHT have to wipe my arse afterwards.

There is a lot to be said of getting players agents and representatives out of the game all together but it will never happen, there is just too much money involved. All you have to do is send a text to a reporter and a rumour to generate interest in their client is all over the press, job done, interest gained, price risen, commission increased, happy holidays … bastards.

None of our players are going anywhere, at least, not permanently.

Til next time.


One Response to “Wilshere off to Bolton / O’Neill the irritant / Sagna Inter rumours”

  1. Sagna! Heck no way, his agent often gets diz way 2 create awareness. He’ll be out of job !

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