Vermaelen suffers suspect leg break, Eduardo injured again, two points dropped

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on January 27, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

This could be a really, really, costly game.

We should know about the state of Thomas Vermaelen’s leg tomorrow, and whilst Sol Campbell filled in admirably, you can’t help but worry. What a massive loss it would be, the end of his season for sure.

Eduardo has done another muscle in and I would put money on it being around three weeks before he is ready again, putting pressure on Nicklas Bendtner who understandably lacked match sharpness but impressed me with his determination and clear skill.

Comment on the game tomorrow, I need a little time to clear my thoughts up.

3 Responses to “Vermaelen suffers suspect leg break, Eduardo injured again, two points dropped”

  1. I always said that wenger must by a striker, defender and attacking midfielder in january but he keep on telling us he has quality in his team. He has an injury prone team, Wenger, please buy players in january. A stich in time saves nine

  2. so you know better than wenger, right ?. Get a life, aliyu

  3. Two more down, seven on the operating table, three nowhere near match fit… This could just be the act that saves our season. Forces the hand of the only man stopping us from buying reinforcements. Mercenaries? For certain! But only to hold this band of motley young guns together and still give them something to fight for when they heal in the broken places. Wenger, don’t be a fool!

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