Stoke 3-1 Arsenal: Vela in last chance saloon and Walcott’s not far behind

In Arsenal FC, FA Cup on January 24, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

The headline is strong, I know, but it is about time they started pulling their weight and contributing.

The boss decided to go with Coquelin at right back, Campbell and Silvestre in the middle with Traore on the left, out of that back four one was out of position, two were hapless and the one player who had a decent game at the back, Campbell, was left with little support on an impressive return to top level football.

Behind them Lucaz Fabianski was awful, flapping around like some kind of retarded Chicken with a poker shoved up its arse. It is clear Arsene Wenger has to buy there in the summer but after describing Fabianski as close to world class just a couple of days ago (I think he did, but I also might have dreamt it… ), the chances of us buying seem slim to non existent.

All three of the goals conceded were down to awful defending. Silvestre has the turning circle of a bus with no steering wheel, Coquelin was hopeless but he isn’t to blame, we had no right back at all. Armand Traore has suffered a pretty dire slump in form in the past few games so whilst Clichy is still calamitous as far as I’m concerned, he is still better than Traore.

Moving onto midfield, Eastmond was out of his depth and quite frankly, when you are up against a team of Stoke’s stature you need someone in there who can match them on a physical level, even though Arsenal could run rings around them at a technical level. Denilson and Cesc battled hard, combined for the goal but just couldn’t work with what was around them, Emmanuel-Thomas showed plenty of application but the two that flanked him were diabolical.

So…Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott, the young prodigies, pretenders or whatever you want to call them. I prefer to call them the gruesome twosome after that shocker of a performance.

The main thing I noted was that it seemed they just didn’t fancy the game, there was little application and when they had the ball they did nothing with it what so ever. Out of the two Carlos Vela is the most gifted, of that there is no question, but whilst only young you do have to wonder if he would be better suited elsewhere and we could do with a more experienced and complete player in his place. Theo Walcott is an athlete that is trying to learn football, he has not got that footballing know-how naturally engrained into his brain, Vela has this but isn’t using it. We know Theo has potential but he seems to be backpedaling faster than he ever went forwards.

Harsh words I know, but what is to be expected? This team was fighting on three fronts before, now that is down to two and there is a real, real possibility of finishing trophy-less once again. It will take a monumental effort to lift the Premier League with the squad as decimated as it is, I hope and pray this defeat doesn’t affect the upcoming games because they are season deciders.

There is still the Champions League but I have said many times now, we simply concede to many goals to win it. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

I would genuinely like to hear your opinions on Theo Walcott and Carlos Vela … I will have angered people with what I have said. Its just how I feel today, maybe I will be more forgiving tomorrow?

If you are shy you can drop me an e-mail at goonblogger@[removethisbeforesending]

’til next time.

5 Responses to “Stoke 3-1 Arsenal: Vela in last chance saloon and Walcott’s not far behind”

  1. Certainly today Theo had a shocker. Vela seemed to work relatively hard and was trying to make the runs, but nothing was coming off for him. Having JET as the centre forward (I thought he was a midfielder?!) also can’t have helped.

    Vela has shown in the Carling Cup how good he can be technically. In the last FA Cup game at West Ham he provided both assists I believe as well. He is still very young, and hasn’t really been afforded a run in the first team that allowed the likes of Denilson and Song to really step up and prove they can make it at Arsenal. Maybe it’s still too soon for him, but I would also argue it’s too early to say he’s in “last chance saloon”.

    Theo’s technical abilities seem to be underrated. The run at Anfield, the pass to Cesc against Villa, the finishes against Villarreal and Blackburn. But he is still erratic, and this season hasn’t really got going yet because of injuries. He could also do with a run in the team, with all the other first teamers alongside him. But I think it would be crazy to say that he won’t make it at Arsenal.

    Lastly, in the next round Stoke are away at City. It takes place the week before the first round of CL fixtures. Odds are we would have been forced to rest players there too and in the light of day we might have to accept this defeat as a positive in the sense that we’ve avoided an extra match.

  2. I fully agree with your comments on Wilcot and Vela. Wilcot will win 100m races for England and nothing else. He is not a soccer player.Both these guys cannot beat defenders! They cannot cross balls into the box, where for once you had a tall striker in Thomas.It is not just this past game , but always. I would rid of both of them, including Sylvest/ Eduardo/ Eastmond and replace them with Moses/ Jay Simpson and Babel

  3. Get rid of Eduardo? Man, that is just messed up. If you can’t see how special a player he is, you need some glasses. I suppose Poo should also get rid of Gerrard, as he’s had a mare of a season too.

    As for Walcott and Vela, I’ve given up on the former, but we just haven’t seen enough of Mr. Candle.

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