In Arsenal FC on January 22, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

He was sat next to Garrincha, to the left of Pele and below Eusabio.

Get a grip people ….


10 Responses to “I SAW EDIN DZEKO AT THE GROVE TOO !!!!”

  1. Good one friend.
    Dzeko won’t be at Arsenal believe me. So please keep away from these type of threads.

    Arsenal will never pay above 10 million for a player. I like Wenger for this. This club is in good financial condition . So why disbalance it with some foolish overpriced buying?

  2. Arsen will never pay more than 10 milion for a player? Andrey Arshavin, Hose Antonio Reyes, Theo Walcott, do you want more? There is not any class player that you can buy with 10 milion. You can buy someone but you have to wait at least three seasens to see if he will be a world class player or not. In a situation that we just are, top of the table but with 4 difficult games to play,and without our strikers, we need to buy a player that is a prooven one that can help us NOW, if not then we can easily see the end of our dream for the tittle in less than a month.

  3. Isn’t milan is trying to sign dzeko? but first they will release the please hunt the hunter AW!!

  4. mr. arsene wenger,trust me..please buy eden hazard,
    we really need player like him,when he play with arshavin & other arsenal player, you can see the trophy..

  5. We need to sign a quality and proven cf now before our four crucial matches which will be a determinant of our being in contention for all the trophies available.

  6. Wenger pls buy atleast a proven striker so that we can mantian our top position

  7. can someone tell me what dzeko was doing at the emirates? from what im reading he is looking at milan

  8. Mr wenger pls buy a quality stiker this month or all our hope will b over.

  9. Mr Wenger, if you do not want to buy, then get some players on loan, but do something.

  10. […] I Saw Edin Dzeko at the Grove Too !!!! He was sat next to Garrincha, to the left of Pele and below Eusabio. Get a grip people …. […]

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