Arsenal won’t sign anyone else in January

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window on January 22, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

Just a quick post after this afternoon’s comment on the probable squad to face Stoke at Sunday lunchtime.

In todays press conference the boss dropped his biggest hint yet that he will not sign another player, let alone a striker, in this transfer window:

“I have just come in from a training session where Bendtner looked exactly like the guy you describe,”

Its not a surprise really, sods law would dictate that if we shelled out on a striker Bendtner would return and bang in the goals and Theo Walcott’s injury prone-ness would magically disappear, meaning we had just wasted millions.

I understand completely why we will not buy anyone else in this transfer window, for starters… there don’t seem to be many decent players on the market, let alone decent players that would be value for money.

Lets just hope it doesn’t cost us once again.


3 Responses to “Arsenal won’t sign anyone else in January”

  1. This is a total disgrace!!

    As an Arsenal supporter, it’s so obvious to see that Bendtner is shocking! he would struggle to get in Wigan let alone us, he cant finish to save his life, his touch is awful and what does Wenger think, he thinks he’s good and plays him in the squad, he is a complete muppet.

    And in this January Transfer window Wenger always makes mistakes, we need 3 players, a good in the air centre half a defensive midfielder and a forward end of or we wont win nothing again

    Please Wenger just sign some players for once and dont be so stubborn!

  2. Bendtner is not shocking. Personally, i rate him quite highly and think he will end up being a fine player

  3. I wonder sometimes if wenger ever watches big games,eg man utd vs man city at the carling cup, those type of games need world class players and experienced ones to win,not youngsters. Look at the semi final match against man utd, gibbs crackd under pressure, and so will Eastmond,Traore,Coquelin etc.

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