I really thought we had choked – oh how I was wrong

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on January 21, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

I had to endure almost three-quarters of the game in a lecture, I looked at the score on my phone…1-0 down after 7 minutes, I thought to myself “we can turn this round, no worries, we have been here tons of times” I kept refreshing and refreshing until I saw someone had scored, it was Bolton, again, and even worse, that skag Matty Taylor had scored.

Blog headlines were popping up in my head “CHOKERS!!!” was one of them, born out of pure rage that we were failing to take advantage of a chance to go top, we now needed four goals now for that to happen.

“we need a goal before half time or we are well and truly stuffed”.

After refreshing madly I noticed Thomas Rosicky had scored. “Get in” I said, rather too loudly,“we can win this now, not by two clear goals but the three points is most important, Cesc will score, I’d bet my life on it”. Walking out of my lecture, being a total passenger for the past hour, I noticed something…. It was 2-2, Cesc had done it !!!

Just a matter of minutes later the scoreboard changed to 3-2, Big Verm had put us in front, I was delighted, “happy days !!!” I chuckled, what a game, how did I manage to miss this one !!!

After finally getting home and after giving up on all the clogged up internet streams I tried the radio knowing the game was not on TV, It was Villa 5 Blackburn 4, “bloody hell !!! football is going mad and I was putting education first !? What kind of guy am I ??? Where is the Arsenal game ? The bloody Villa game is on TV why not put the Arsenal game on the radio ???? What a waste of my license fee, communist BBC ****s !! “

I found the live blogging on Arseblog (see sidebar) and Blogs had done a brilliant job, there I saw Arshavin had added a fourth, an unthinkable turnaround, even I was surprised, “WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, SAY WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE” Take that doubters, 7 weeks ago we were 11 points off, now we were there, its not quite like conquering Everest but its at least managing it up to the final camp, if we are in the same league spot after the final game of the season that will be like managing it up to the top of the world, without oxygen too.

Pundits harp on and on about this “English grit” that Arsenal lack but we should know by now that this country has no “grit” at all, quite literally. This Arsenal team has it in abundance, we have come from behind so many times this season that people might start to think this team swing the other way but each time we manage it, the players knew this was their chance to really state their intentions. A few days ago I pondered in a blog that this was where the title charge started and indeed it does.

The mental strength this side has shown, in the face of an injury list as long as Joey Barton’s criminal record, is admirable, we lost Diaby last night just to add another player to that list, but nobody has picked up on this injury crisis we are suffering (almost permanently it has to be said), that is a credit to how well we have done recently. Savour this sight:

Isn’t it just beautiful? We were tipped to be the side to fall out the ‘big four’ this season, we suffered the indignity of being left off the promo picture for the start of the Premier League season. Remember this?

Oh who looks a little bit silly now, eh?

Of course, being top in January means nothing, we all remember what happened a the season before last, but there is a resilience in this side, a spirit that has not been much of a feature in recent seasons, this team is hungry for success, and powered by the current worlds best player in Cesc Fabregas, this team can win anything this season.

We play Stoke at the weekend but we have to play a strong team, we can’t afford to throw a game at such a vital time with massive games ahead. Chelsea, United, Liverpool and Villa all loom, 2 away, 2 at home. Nine points from those games is too much to expect, but if it happens, May could be one very very happy month.

I could get used to this.


One Response to “I really thought we had choked – oh how I was wrong”

  1. What a Game! What a Feeling to be on top of it all!! Cesc is the Worlds Best no doubt! Its no question that the lot of the british media is completely against The Arsenal, but they can all choke on their English Grit tonight. We are #1! Gallas’s hard tackle on Davis was hard to watch, but it wasn’t a foul. They both we’re going for ball and although Davis got to it first, I think Gallas got a touch of the ball before he got all of Davis’s foot. Bolton wanted a ruff and tuff push us around game, and we gave it to them right back x2. Up The Arsenal!!

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