The Galindo age cheat saga will never go away

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window on January 20, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

“Age cheat” claims will stay with Samuel Galindo for the rest of his career …..

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Yesterday the news that a Bolivian TV station had documents ‘proving’ Samuel Galindo was lying about his age was noticed by Arsenal bloggers, in particular, Young Guns, who concentrate on all Arsenal youth matters.

It is things like this that can taint a career before it has already begun. From what I hear the kid has big talent and is the leading type, shown by his captaincy of the Bolivian national team at various age levels.

There is the chance that the revelations could be false, made up for publicity reasons when a talent is in line to join a big name foreign club, but if they are true Galindo would join a long line of players that have tried to fake documents giving them a younger age. One example is former Newcastle and Inter Milan striker Obi Martins. Does anyone actually know how old he is?

The chances of him finally putting pen to paper have probably been dashed now, even if false, the club probably wouldn’t risk the publicity such a move would inevitably bring, for the players sake as much as the clubs.

I have been told that all his documents are genuine but the evidence is pretty convincing. Lets wait and see what the next few days bring.

4 Responses to “The Galindo age cheat saga will never go away”

  1. Yes,i believe its a thing to lie about your age but for all i care,three years is not a wide gap.if the lad is as talented as you guys claim(i have not seen him play), pls, let him concentrate on his career. Are we his parents? Its only them that tell when he was given birth to.

  2. does it mean we wil loose him 4 dt may be change 2 his original fined then continue his business

  3. Pls should continue his career with arsenal we all know that half of the players are age cheat

  4. Have you ever seen a passport photo that only takes the side view? its the price of fame, people will always hate. Welcome to arsenal son.

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