The next generation / Eastmond + Murphy

In Arsenal FC on January 13, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

The club have been busy processing yet more player contracts as Craig Eastmond and Rhys Murphy have both signed ‘new long term contracts’; to use the clubs wording.

Eastmond has pretty much revived his fledgling career this season after moving from a right back into a defensive midfield role where he has flourished. After being named as a surprise starter in the line-up against Liverpool in the Carling Cup has gone onto make his Premiership debut against Portsmouth a few weeks ago.

Rhys Murphy is highly rated at the club from what I have heard but has had many injury problems in the past few years, he is currently out on loan to Brentford and has made six appearances. We will probably be seeing him in the Carling Cup next year.

Even if these players don’t make it at Arsenal it is good business to get them secured to a decent contract, if they are a late developer – the club still have them, if they need to move on – the club can command a decent fee.

It is good to see two British youngsters coming through the ranks, and like a lot of the next generation, they are home grown and very, very talented. Patience is important though, even the very best take a while to find their feet.

Just look at Alex Song, from the ages of 19-21 he has not really rated amongst fans. In the past year he has pretty much become a world-class defensive midfielder.

Thats what time can do to a player.


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