Round-up of an eventful day for Arsenal

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window on January 13, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

12/01/10 – a busy day. Here are my thoughts on the arrival of Sol Campbell, the rumours surrounding Senderos/Saha and the treatment of the big Swiss international and also the pictures of Emmanuel Adebayor in an Arsenal shirt.

Sol Campbell: The Return ….

It was this afternoon when the rumour mill went into overdrive and I heard confirmation at around 2pm that Sol was certain to sign on a free transfer and take part in the reserves game against West Ham (won 4-2). He duly played for 45 minutes with no goals being conceded with him in defence. Apparently he played well and guided the youngsters as you would expect from an experienced former England international.

There are fans who are annoyed to say the least about his comeback, some think hes too chunky and his legs have gone, others are annoyed at the way he left the club. There is also the opinion that it is a step back and Wenger should invest in a player with more longevity.

I think it could turn out to be a masterstroke. It frees Senderos up (more on that further on) to leave and means we are not reliant on Silvestre for cover. Think of the effect a man with god knows how many trophies will have on the younger defenders who will seek to learn off him, it can only be a good thing in that department.

Senderos’ future …

This guy has been a true pro. He was on the verge of leaving in the summer but was made to stay to cover the void left by Djourou’s knee injury, he stayed and didn’t moan once, despite hardly getting a kick.

I believe he has been treated in a despicable manner by the manager and club, he is 24 years old, what gives a team the right to waste 6 months of his career and jeapordise his chances of playing in the World Cup? It is not often I get angered by the way this club treats its employees and players but this time I think I am well justified in criticising them. Get out of here now Philippe and thanks for your excellent service and professionalism. Lesser men would have gone berserk by now so it shows what a good and intelligent guy he is.

Saha and Senderos to be involved in a swap deal …

We need a striker with experience and class. Senderos needs a club that will give him regular football.

Perfect right?

Saha is injury prone too, he will fit right in then !!!

Adebayor interviewed wearing an Arsenal shirt …

The City fans going mad over this need to remember this: he is lucky to still be alive. So what if he is wearing one of last seasons training polo shirts? Maybe he likes it? Maybe he is still an Arsenal fan?

City pay his wages, they don’t choose what clothes he wears. Give the guy a break. Watching the interview was saddening, maybe the attack will change his outlook on life and himself. For all the hatred going around, I am genuinely glad he is alive and unhurt.


One Response to “Round-up of an eventful day for Arsenal”

  1. Senderos and cash for Saha sounds like a Great deal to me!!

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