The boss’ £30 million could buy Arsenal the title/New keeper?

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window, Premier League on January 12, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

It is clear that all the top sides need a bit of investment, and whoever buys the wisest, will stand the biggest chance of winning the title. It will not come down to who simply spends the most.

If reports are to be believed and the boss has a really healthy transfer account then that is great, but, he really needs to spend a sizable clunk of it. At the moment I think the defence needs addressing urgently, the chances of that are rather slim however. I believe the problem to be Almunia, his confidence is shattered and he is a player seemingly in decline for whatever reason – personal or otherwise.

Almunia’s shoddy decision making has the defence trying to guess what he is going to do… and also trying to stop the opposition, not an ideal scenario for a team that is chasing silverware on three fronts. I have changed my opinion on Fabianski this season, last time round he seemed a bundle of nerves, stupidly charging out of his area all the time and not commanding enough in his area. Since the turn of the season however, he has seemed much more calm and composed. This is the reason why Wenger will not by a goalkeeper, he won’t stunt Fabianski’s growth as a player.

Midfield…. it’s a tricky one. Song and Denilson are our only holding players but do you find players of the necessary quality needed that are willing to sit on the bench once Song returns for ACN duty? If there is one out there then it is news to me, I do think there is something missing from our midfield but with Cesc returning against Bolton and Song returning in February that might be just what is missing. Arsene won’t buy a player here.

Up front we have plenty of options, it is just that they are either hopelessly out of form or injured. van Persie won’t be seen again this season, Walcott has hardly played a game, Vela is out of form (needs to sharpen up, and quick), Eduardo has been out of form but is improving and getting more effective and livelier. Arshavin is a drifter, he flitters in and out of games as he chooses. He has a habit of doing just enough to get a result, I do wish he would take more responsibility upon himself rather than call for Wenger to buy more players. He is on massive wages. Pucker up, make do with what you have got and run your arse off please Andrey.

This is the most likely area that the boss will invest in, and there are a whole host of names flying around. What is important is that he has to find a player that offers something different to a van Persie, a Bendtner or Eduardo – whatever the price.

United and Chelsea are not as strong as everyone thought, we can take advantage of this but we must learn the lessons of just a few years ago when it all unravelled in January after everything looked so promising. The big question is: can Arsenal learn from past/recent experience ?

What do you make of this blog? Let your opinions flow in the comments below.

5 Responses to “The boss’ £30 million could buy Arsenal the title/New keeper?”

  1. yeah i agree with u about the goalkeeper, Almunia is really a big big problem for us and Wenger will not buy anyone for that position cose there are three very good goalkeepers and its not fair to buy a new one. In the midfield there are so many players and there is no nead for another one, against Everton there was only one problem, Wenger did not use players in their ideal places on the pitch, the midfild should have been, rosicky diaby nasri but its a past now and just lets hope Wenger will not do this mistace again. In the up front line i think the problem is that we are missing Bendner very much, and of cours Walcott and Eduardo being out form so far is another problem and considering, that we are in a part of the seasen that we can not wait until they get back in form, so Wenger has to buy another striker if he doesn’t then we are in a danger of another empty seasen. (sory for my english if it was ununderstanding)

  2. We all seem to want what is best for our fabulous club but if A.W. has good money in the acct we need to strenghten three dpts i.e cf,dm and cb respectively and once that is done we will certainly win trophies this season without having to struggle with alot of uncertainities when injury strikes our players in different dpts.We need this done before our four crucial matches between end of jan and mid feb when we play manchester united,aston villa,chelsea and liverpool coz that’s where the league will be won or lost.

  3. i would like to see us buy a quality utility player who can cover right back, central midfield and centre back — like grimaldi used to do.

    and someone with a bit of experience too.

    if such a player could be signed he would play 70- 80% of our matches as someone is always injured — or rested.

    what we don’t need is another little ball player -indeed i would sell one of rosicky, walcott, nasri if needs be to pay for a new taller, tougher player.

  4. I agree with you.
    Alumina is Useless, Denilson can’t cover up for Song, Simply because he is not big or strong enough to scare the likes of Essien, Carrick, OR EVEN crappy Anderson.
    Eduardo is a brilliant Finisher, but needs to UP his all round game, Arshavin is lazy, infact, very lazy, and Walcott is a wimp that can’t even pass the ball & is more into Fashion & Lakeside. And Bendtner is absoloutley USELESS.

    Don’t be upset with my Comments Gooners, we all know it’s true!

    We need a striker, some-one big & strong, Some-one who will SCARE defenders, Like Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg.

    Imagine how Defenders feel play against Bendtner & Arshavin lol. Piss easy!
    People like Upson & Vidic will take that all day.

    Now If we had Dzeko, it would not only scare defenders, but it will actually make sence to Cross the ball into the Box my Sagna…


    I guess this is the main conflict between supporters and club management. Club management are long term thinkers, ie securing the future of the club for years to come.
    Supporters seem to only be concerned with this season. Hence a supporters view is buy buy buy, which is justified.

    Arsenal board’s view is that paying off long term debt is the priority.

    Manchester united and Liverpool are in a severe financial mess. This is because they spent all the cash in their bank accounts and now cant service their debt.

    Arsenal on the other hand have their debt offset largely against the property project. Were it not for the property market crashing, we would have had comparatively little debt.

    However,as things stand, we have tons of debt and therefore cannot take risks by paying millions in transfer fees.

    Any rich billionaire who buys the club (except abramovich and the Man City owners who seem to be happy to spend their personal wealth) would buy arsenal in a leveraged buyout, and then would force arsenal to pay the debt out of profits.

    If arsenal spend the money that the club has on players, the balance sheet will become weaker and a takeover will be easier.

    In summary, while I am dying for Arsenal to buy players, i know that if we spend millions, it will destabilise the club’s finances. So i implore my fellow supporter to understand the situation at the club.

    The next time you feel like taking out your frustration on arsene wenger, pls think twice, read the article below (copy and paste the link)

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