Athletico Madrid have been tapping up Merida for months/Rosicky deal smallprint

In Arsenal FC, January 2010 Transfer window on January 5, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

I must stress, I have been told that Fran Merida has not yet signed for Athletico Madrid but it seems only a matter of time before he does.

Athletico seem to long to aspire to Real and Barca on the pitch, as well as off of it. They are another Spanish side guilty of tapping up players, more often than not, our players, and going unpunished. Not long ago Wenger fumed: “I can’t say I’m annoyed by other clubs going after our players because we do it as well. But we do it legally. The difference is that we do not do what is not allowed by the law. We try to get the best players everywhere when it is allowed by the rules.”

Speaking only a month ago, Fran Merida wanted to stay at the club and had a deal agreed, the boss also thought a new contract was set in stone: “I think it’s massive for us that he’s signing a new deal because I believe he’s an outstanding player,” – note: ‘HE’S SIGNING A NEW DEAL’ its not an ‘IF he signs a new deal’.

Fran Merida cost us 3 million a few years ago and was said to be better than Cesc Fabregas was at his age, so you can’t say he hasn’t had expectation on his shoulders, but you can’t say he has a bad mentor in Cesc. It seems though, he is another Spanish mummy’s boy who doesn’t like England.

Now it looks like we are losing him on a free transfer, the UEFA tribunal that is likely to occur will probably order Athletico to pay us a minimal fee. In my view, it is a total and utter joke. His footballing education at the club will have come at an astronomical cost and it all seems to be wasted right now.

Fran has had his head turned by Athletico Madrid who have repeatedly tried to court his attention, illegally.

This occurs on the same day that Thomas Rosicky has signed a new deal, and the big-wigs at the club have made sure there are certain guarantees over his fitness, it is a souped up pay-as-you-play deal and anything less would have been pretty foolish.

Talented as though he is, he is a walking injury nightmare. Good luck to Thomas though, an extended run in the side will nail him an upgraded contact which after years of hell must provide him with a bit of joy.


3 Responses to “Athletico Madrid have been tapping up Merida for months/Rosicky deal smallprint”

  1. How dare you speak of ROSICKY like that? And for all I care if fran can not wait for his time to play for us he should go f**k himself. For he is not better than Ramsey not to mention Cesc. And there is still time for him to develop at Arsenal. The last thing I want is an unhappy player.

  2. Speak of Rosicky like what? He is a walking injury nightmare, good player, walking wounded though.

  3. I agree that Arsenal must surely have protected themselves with the new TR7 deal. And I’m sure Rosicky was man enough to realize that the Club had to take such precautions. Having said that, I do really Really REALLY hope he gets back to 100% and moves completely past this period of niggling injuries to resume his full place in the side. Given his on and off-field relationships with Cesc, his undoubted quality, experience, vision and ability to knock in absolute rockets from distance could well be a key ingredient to our future successes.

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