Return of king Ed?/Time to really go for the FA Cup

In Arsenal FC, FA Cup on January 3, 2010 by Highbury N5 Editor

Bare with me, I am yet to see the highlights of the game that I am just settling down to watch on ITV.

From what I have heard the result was deserved and there are many positives to be taken from Upton Park, the only real starting shock, if you could call it that, was Gallas and Vermaelen starting in defence – maybe it is a sign of our intent in this competition this season.

Wilshere and Merida both started and both failed to shine but the experience would have done them good and they will return better players, it was good to see that Arsene hauled them off for experience to chance the tide of the game, but it was one of the youngsters who got our equaliser, the brilliant Aaron Ramsey. It looks like he is going to be the kind of midfielder who will get a healthy goal return every season and with Diaby, Nasri and Cesc, that makes four of them.

Eduardo’s winner would have done him the world of good, he has always been in the right positions even if he has not finished recently, so that bodes well.

I was worried about this tie, we could have lost it easily as we have done a few times before with weakened sides. With United out, it means there is only one other really powerful team in the competition – Chelsea. Liverpool aren’t even through yet and are not half the side they were last season for whatever reason.

The Leeds/United result is a timely reminder of the dangers of the FA Cup though, but we can win it this year.

Now, to watch the highlights and get some sleep, up at 6.30 tomorrow. Just brilliant that is….


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