Wenger will buy in January, but he won’t buy a striker ….

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I have nothing to back that statement up but it is just a hunch I have.

I like making predictions and my last one turned out to be true, I said Fabregas would play against Villa, and he did.

For the best part of January and February the squad at Arsene’s disposal will be threadbare, especially after Fabregas and Denilson were injured yesterday. Cesc could miss the best part of a month if he has injured his hamstring again and with Song on ACN duty we have no defensive minded midfielder and we will also miss the world-class bit of cutting edge Cesc gives us.

Up front we should have Bendtner returning in a week or so which will mean we have some physical presence and

Timely return of the Big Dane

therefore my reckoning is the boss will focus on defence and midfield which as I said before, will be getting pretty lightweight.

Whilst I don’t think our forwards will start smashing in the goals like Pele I am backing Eduardo to recover his form and enjoy a better 2010 than ’09, an in form Eduardo is one of the best predators in the league, Vela will hopefully get some confidence and prove his talent and Walcott is starting to show signs of an upturn in form after an injury plagued last 6-12 months and his performance on Sunday showed that his pace scares defenders. We won’t see van Persie back this season if we are going to be realistic but we will have to make do, we have Arshavin who really comes out in the big games and our attacking threats match any of those in the league.

With the absence of the brilliant Alex Song, the hard working and industrious Denilson and our talisman Cesc Fabregas we will be reliant on the enigmatic Diaby, tenacious but peripheral Nasri and the outstanding talent of Aaron Ramsey – but his youth means he is prone to both brilliant and awful performances.

We will have Rosicky returning but who’s to say he won’t get injured again, a short-term problem is again turning into something more sinister.

The main problem, and you won’t guess it, is our defence. Senderos if rightly going to leave after some diabolical treatment from the club, Djourou is not going to re-appear in the near future and with Gallas picking up a bad injury in every season he has been with us… the chances of his missing games at some point this season is pretty high. The only back up is Silvestre who is not all that convincing. A center back with experience who is happy to play second fiddle to Vermaelen and Gallas would be most welcome and not all that expensive, that is why I think the boss will look into this area.

Arsene has done some of his best business in the January transfer window and this month could be just as dead as it is active, but my gut feeling is that we will see a new face or two. A midfielder and a defender, a striker is not a matter of urgency – Bendtner is rated very highly within Ashburton Grove’s corridors.

The comments from the boss yesterday seem to hint at his looking for new players to add to his squad: “I’ve said we will keep our eyes open and if a good opportunity turns up we will do it. But at the moment I haven’t got any. I will have to look maybe as well at midfielders and how big the damage is. If we lose Denilson and Fabregas we will be short there. I don’t know yet.”

It is a massive month January, we can’t miss out on success because of injuries again and the boss won’t let that happen again. We have to keep our consistency because as Wenger has said; it is the most consistent team that will win the title this season.

Til’ tomorrow.


11 Responses to “Wenger will buy in January, but he won’t buy a striker ….”

  1. Like your blog, mate, but I have to disagree. Wenger will sign a striker and neutralize two injuries. Arshavin is a creative midfielder who’s best form for Russia was as a second striker down the middle of the pitch, similar to Cesc’s current forward position. That and one def. midfielder that can deputize at center back and this trophy drought is at an end.

  2. The fact that you are saying that you predicted that Cesc would play, is not really a prediction. Do you play your best player on one of the biggest games of the year = yes!!

    In midfield we are good to go, even with fab and denilson we could have a midfield trio of Diaby-Ramsey-Nasri. This would be the crisis midfield, however it looks pretty good to me.

    Upfront we need a player since Bendtner will not come back in shape. we need a tall, strong player that can hold the ball and give us a treat in the air. Eduardo, Vela, Walcott is neither.

    I want Carlton Cole, injured or not he is back in contention second week of january.

    second option in my opinion should be Gignac.

    come on you gooners!!!

  3. Hello, to my gunner fan and a seasons greeting to you all.
    I’m a true arsenal fan, you can seen by your self that were are problem is come from, is when are player is down we don has a good replacement for that place, like Van persie for instan. i need Wenger to buy a good striker and middfeder, so that when Song is not around that player will help Csec from back. Pls my manager i beg you to buy a good player in case any player is down that one will help him out for we to win tittle this season.
    I pray for GOD to guide us thought out this season successfully.

  4. I think you managed to convice me there. I strongly believe Wenger may not buy a striker and if he does, it will not be any of the big names we expect him to buy.

    And sincerely, the defence is more of a concern than the attack. Eduardo may be off form at the moment but defenders still get scared of him.

    Vela is still trying to impress ( like Nani ) but I am sure he can score goals if he can manage to find his confidence and Bendtner ( with the little has played ) has shown some improvement over last season.

    However, Silvestre who is our only CB backup can not be expected to run at a fast pace like the premiership strikers and he is prone to make silly tackles inside or close to the box.

    My guess is a cb and maybe another very cheap striker ( that can change if Eduardo finds his form in the next match.

  5. The logic is good, mate. Wenger really believes in Bendtner. Eduardo just needs to regain form and that will come with match time. Theo is really just getting his season/fitness under way. Shava is…well…Shava. He hasn’t been on fire yet this season, but you know it’s coming. Overall, despite the general consensus of worry, we DO have options (and quite good ones at that) up front that can be dangerous and full of goals.

    I said on another blog yesterday that I think the game is finally slowing down for Diaby and all the bits & pieces are coming together. He can be a real danger man to opponents. Consistency is the issue now, but he’ll have a full run of matches from now through January and hopefully we see that next step in his development (without injury, please!).

    The key issue here is not talent (or lack thereof), but rather cover. We have attacking talent in abundance. We have a blinding midfield. Our defense, while not world beaters, is well above average. But this only happens when everyone is healthy. And that is not the case. Cesc and Denilson being out is potentially a big, big problem. Ramsey can substitute, but as mentioned, his youth will see some clunker matches. Not a knock on him at all, just the normal growing pains for someone in such an important role. Nasri deputised at DM late last season and could temporarily fill that role as needed. I’d rather see Diaby move back a few paces though and fill that role to be honest. I still prefer Diaby over Nasri in that option, and we get the benefit of Nasri’s pace and attack farther forward.

    It’s almost a given that Big Phil is off to hopefully greener pastures. It’s really a wonder what has happened between him and AW that he’s basically been shunned from the squad. Obviously something is not right there, and I do hope he goes on to success someplace else. But that leaves us horrifyingly thin at the back. I don’t know if we’ll look either to an older, more experienced deputy to step in should Gallas or Verm need a break or suffer a knock…or, depending on if Gallas wishes to leave at seasons end to bring in someone younger who’ll be the future partner for Verm in the middle. I think the contract negotiations with Gallas will have an effect on which direction we go here.

    I’ll put this out there to end my comments, and it might draw some ire…

    The one player we absolutely have to keep in January is Eboue. His versatility alone demands that he remain wearing the Red and White.

  6. We need a good defensive player who can also play CB and a striker like calton Cole.
    And when we sign this players, the league is ours.

  7. Although I like Eduardo (or rather sympathise with him), I don’t think he will be a solution to our problem at the top end of the field. If you have not noticed, we lack options going foward. Full backs like Sagna are considered “bad crossers of the ball” simply because they are phycologically affected by the thought of not having a target man to am for with their crosses! They need to “pass like midfielders” and not just cross the ball” because we happen to have the shortest striker on record. (fact) We are limiting ourselves the opporunity to even go route one (who said long cross balls that result in scrambled goals are not counted?) We are also misusing AA who looks out of sorts in the lone striker position (and we are the same fans who complain that he is playing below par!)
    Let us accept the reality that without doing something immediately, we risk missing a golden opportunity. This is a tough world we are living in and we need to take (at times) ruthless decisions in order to cut the grade.
    Come on Arsene, decide what is good for the club not individuals! (after all you are reputed to be ruthless without sentimental attachments when it comes to dropping has-beens! …..remember one-year-only contract extensions for 30+ stars?)

  8. I agree with timmy, carlton cole 1st choice 2nd gignac. and a keeper is vital to our title asperation Joe Hart seems the best option hes young, English,and has EPL experiance we have to move now because if he has a second half like the first half of the season he will be doulble figures and out of r reach. How dissapointing

  9. i believe eduardo and bendtner combination…it done so well in the fa cup and carling cups run….and i thinnk they cud do very well again….midfield….we wud def miss fabregas….but i think arshavin sud be placed right behing the front two strikers….deft killer passes and ability to move past defenders…our major problem is dm……cant even think of one player to take up that role…and what happens if gallas or the verm gets injured then we are in trouble…

  10. defensive midfield and a centre back —- how about a couple of old boys coming home?

    patrick (!) or flamini; upson?

    and a centre forward too but maybe on loan.

  11. […] Wenger will buy in January, but he won’t buy a striker …. I have nothing to back that statement up but it is just a hunch I have. I like making predictions and my last one […] […]

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