Fabregas will make Sunday/Huntelaar/Arsene won’t take Hazard

In Arsenal FC on December 24, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I said I would be back today and back I am.

It is a little quiet today and the festivities start to take over but there are still a couple of blogworthy stories around. The first of these is the news that Cesc might make the team at the weekend after suffering an injury against Burnley a week ago, it feels longer than a week doesn’t it? Anyway, my opinion is that Cesc will declare himself fit to face Villa because the game is more important than that match at Anfield and is as important as the game against Chelsea at the Grove was. Villa are looking menacing and have a real chance of a top four finish, Cesc will know we need to open some breathing space but then again, in this season, what is a 3 or 4 point gap really?

As January closens we are also seeing the transfer shitmill start to spin faster and faster, the latest to be linked with us is Klaas Jan Huntelaar and it all seems to stem from this one rather brief Daily Mail story, I can’t see it happening, the talk is of a short term loan deal and I would expect him to return to his native Holland to smash in some easy goals to seure a World Cup place for Holland… That is if he moves from Italy at all.

I don’t think he is an Arsenal player, a good finisher he is but his build up play is not the greatest and with Wenger wanting to defend from the front you cant really see him putting in those real hard yards. I may be wrong though and I guess we will see soon enough.

The boss did a little webchat the other day and he said that he thinks his last four years at the club have been his most succesfull, he is the best man to judge… we don’t know the circumstances he has been working under and whilst on-pitch things have not been trophy laden, Wenger has helped shape the future of this football club and that just cant be underestimated or forgotten. Arsene said:

“I think moving into a new stadium and keeping the team at the top in the last four years is, for me, my best period at my club,”

“Unfortunately it is as well the period when we have not won trophies. But people forget that we have been reasonably consistent. It has been the most difficult period but as well for me the period where I worked the best. To move into a new stadium and yet still make some money in every single year without the team dropping the level, then maintaining a successful period in the Champions League, and doing reasonably well in the League has been quite difficult.”

No other manager could have managed it in my opinion.

There have been a few noises around about Arsene signing up youngster Eden Hazard, It wont happen… too expensive and its far too early to talk about a player as a new Messi at the age of 18. Not gonna happen guys…

So, with the big day tomorrow most families are looking forward to waking up and opening their presents from the fat man with a beard but the Arsenal player won’t be, they will probably be out training in the rain. How lovely. Id trade xmas morning for a win on Sunday though.

Anyway, I may be back tomorrow as I was last xmas day…with a little suprise.

Enjoy the alcohol, food and festivities.


7 Responses to “Fabregas will make Sunday/Huntelaar/Arsene won’t take Hazard”

  1. Yo Goon blogger, this is me, Randy.

    Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and ask that we put all our rifts over the past year behind us.

    Chris just told me about what that cock John, did to you and I’m glad to see you’ve recovered.

  2. Merry xmas, hunter wil be a good addition

  3. Hi gunners fans all over the world. i wish our dear team injury-free 2010. i also wish to state here that arsene wenger really need to bring in a quality striker in January and possibly a back-up for galas and Thomas. merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody in advance.

  4. Sup gunners, just be sure of two trophies this season.and oh! Merry xmas

  5. Hi Randy, Happy Xmas to you too,

    its cool, i had forgotten about it really. No hard feelings.

    The blog is currently a work in progress once more but by March I hope to have several new things in place.

  6. y dont we buy carlton cole….hes young and is already delivering for west ham who are in financial troubles so we could get him for cheap….and plus hes tall and has great caliber to become a superstar

  7. a young gunner i like and agree in all what yuo say
    merry x mass

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