Arsenal only win at Anfield when they win the league

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on December 15, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So…it was a must win game, and we won it.

The first half was quite possibly the worst half of football I have ever seen Arsenal play, it really did look like the players just didn’t care, on the other hand, Liverpool were first to every ball, the 50/50’s the 60/40’s. the lot.

We got away with one when the usually clinical Torres missed what in effect was a one on one with Almunia. We got away with another when Gallas took down Gerrard in the area – it was a penalty but his reputation had came back to haunt him.

It got a whole lot worse when Gerrard delivered a free-kick into the box, Almunia swatted at it like a fly and the ball duly fell to Dirk Kuyt who was having a stinker of a game and he toe poked it home. Not only were we one nil down and looking like we could get thumped, it was that diving little peasant that had scored against us.

Back in the changing room the boss decided to ditch his calm persona and really let rip into the players, “you are not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt” being one stinging line. It clearly surprised them and afterwards Cesc admitted he had never seen Wenger that angry before. Oh how did it work, though.

Within 5 we were level, a nice move ending in Carragher getting caught flat footed by a ball into the area and Glen Johnson bundling the ball into his own net. We needed that break, it gave the team the impetus to go on and get the winning goal, and how they did.

Andrey Arshavin had had 4 shots on goal against Liverpool in his career before this game and scored 4 goals. When the ball arrived at his feet for his 5th shot against the Scousers, his first touch took it away from Johnson and he unleashed a demon of a shot, that Andy Gray said “not even three Pepe Reina’s could have stopped that !!!” 5 shots, 5 goals. 3 points in the bag at Anfield, and we all know, we only win at Anfield when we go on to become champions !!!

That is pushing the boat out most definitely but we are right back in the title race now, there is a hell of a lot of work to be done but we do have some good home fixtures coming up so hopefully we can keep the pressure up on Chelsea and United.

Defeat at Anfield would have made it nigh on impossible to get back into the title race, at half time I was seething. Heres a couple of things I wrote on Twitter @thegoonblog

“we dont want it as much. its simple.”

“we have created nothing”

“Should put Tiger Woods up front, at least he can penetrate”

“We are staring at 5 defeats in 7. When were we last in this position?”

I really, really thought the game was gone, should I have known better? I don’t know. It was like the game against Chelsea all over again, only we were getting dismembered by a worse team.

I look back now with so much relief, how much different do things look. We were choking on a golden chance, United lost at home, Chelsea were held at home, Spurs lost at home…. we simply had to pull it out the hat and we did.

Of course, the players deserve a lot of credit for getting their act together and grinding out the result, but what it does show is that the old boss still has the gift. Afterwards he said:

“it is good that after 13 years as manager I can still surprise the players like that”

You can imagine it having the surprise effect because he is such a calm character, it would be a bit like having Buddha scream in your face.

I think the situation we are in now is comparable to a tennis match where you have just broken your opponents serve and now have to hold your own service game to complete the break, we now have to go to Burnley and win tomorrow night. Nothing else will do, but more on that tomorrow.

Now, after re-living the game I think I need a rest. More tomorrow, no doubt.

2 Responses to “Arsenal only win at Anfield when they win the league”

  1. great result but lets not get carried away if we lose at burnley then this win means nothing we have to progress game by game we cant afford to lose anymore games now

  2. Agree totally with you there

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