Arsenal 2-0 Standard: I wasn’t convinced from what I saw

In Arsenal FC, Champions League 2009/10 on November 25, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

“we do have to be wary of this Standard team, they have a habit of raising their game away from home and tonight we will have to be careful”

Actually, they are a very poor side indeed. I got that wrong.

I missed the first half, and consequently both the goals. Looking at various blogs and match reports we seemed to play rather well in the first half and took the foot off the pedal in the second. I hope that is true because what I saw in the second half didn’t please me much, it was similar to the Sunderland game in the way we lacked that cutting edge. I haven’t harped on about how van Persie gave us that cutting edge but we are really missing him at the moment, Wenger said any team would miss his ‘super class’ and nobody can argue that we are missing him.

Despite Denilson and Song having very good games, (Denilson making a welcome return from injury), we were shocking at the back. Liege hit the post twice and if they were a better side would have got a couple of goals at least, this is really starting to grate with me because without much of our favoured front-line we can’t outscore teams as we did before. We just don’t have the same firepower.

A quick bit on the goals though…. in their own way they were both superb, Nasri’s finish was top top class although he made it look so easy, its moments like that that show you just how good these players at professional level have to be. Denilson’s goal was superb, the sheer power behind the ball and the fact it swerved both ways bamboozled their ‘keeper and netted the Brazillian his second of the season on his comeback.

These last couple of games I have been thinking of the difference a bullying, powerful striker would make and you can’t really argue that it would give us another dimension, someone in the Drogba mold could bulldoze defences and get us very important goals. Eduardo and Vela can’t do that.

On those two, Eduardo is a class finisher, I’ve always thought that but right now what he needs is goals and he needs them quick. Vela is a player with a great amount of hype around him but he has settled here now and has to prove his worth, he isn’t doing that at the moment. We have seen him do it at Carling Cup level but we are yet to see him do anything of the sort in the Premiership. In frame he reminds me of Pato at AC Milan, I just hope he can cut it here, I really do.

We can now look at the weekend and the game on Sunday, I suggest to the boss intensive defensive drills. He can say all he wants about Sunderland only having one effort on target in the entire game on Saturday but if that one effort goes in we are at a disadvantage straight away, Chelsea have been scoring just as many goals as us in previous weeks and I somehow doubt we will be able to outscore them, we will have do defend very well too. I’m nervous about the game to tell you the truth.

The game last night gave us three more injury victims, Gibbs has a broken metatarsal so we won’t be seeing him for a long time, Arshavin has had to have his head stapled after his clash of heads with Gallas, who has a nasty swollen eye and an ankle niggle.



One Response to “Arsenal 2-0 Standard: I wasn’t convinced from what I saw”

  1. Arsenal missed three easy chances which could have made the score 5-0 or 5-1. That would have made you happy without any difference to the quality of the play. You would have thought ‘we can beat a champions league side without breaking sweat’. Not at any stage in the game was an Arsenal player puffing. Arshavin, Vela and Nasri and Walcott were poor by their standards- which made it difficult for the others. Having learned to play with VP in the 9 position they are having to work out a different plan. Sunday is a test cos the Chavs are at their peak and Arsenal are 6 years away. But the lads are good and if they are up for it- they can do it.

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