Hysterical journo’s should be sacked

In Arsenal FC on November 20, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Ive just about had enough with all this handball malarkey, its got more media coverage than just about anything recently, there could be an outbreak of Bubonic Plague sweeping across Europe but the Thierry Henry handball would still be first in the running order.

The standard of journalism as a whole has been decreasing rapidly over the past few years but these past few days have shown them up to be horrifically bad at their job. Their blinkered, bias and hit seeking headlines and stories are actually pretty offensive to me, I thought they might value the general publics intelligence slightly higher.

The press have become so desperate for hits that the likes of Stan Collymore have got a chance to spew their views on the game in newspaper columns. This is one moment of genius from the nutty forward:

“And I would actually like to see the Premier League comprised solely of the 20-25 clubs who have been the biggest and most successful sides in modern history. I think those teams should form the top-flight whether that be Leeds United in the third tier or Newcastle United in the second tier.

And there would be no promotion or relegation which would allow those teams to grow. Then you would guarantee some of the world’s best derbies, like Sunderland v Newcastle, happening each season”

Sunderland and Newcastle? SUNDERLAND AND NEWCASTLE? Can you see where I’m coming from here?

Mr Squeaky Clean Collymore who denies ever cheating in his entire football career (I take it he never ever pulled a players shirt, did a sneaky little handball, moved a free-kick from its proper position etc etc) wants hard-line action taken against cheats which is fair enough, he went so far as to shame a few of them on his Twitter page:

“Mandatory 8 game ban for divers & cheats. Eduardo,Ronaldo,Henry,N’Gog, the list goes on.”

No mention of some of the biggest culprits out there…Gerrard (dived for England penalty), Lampard (FA Cup final), Joe Cole (lead to an England goal v Croatia) and who can forget Wayne Rooney’s dives? Wheres the English players eh?

Hes a typical, stupid, deluded and borderline xenophobic man with a penchant for funny habits and writing absolute crap.

I’m not saying Henry didn’t cheat, he did cheat and I’m convinced in those play-offs there were lots more players that cheated. If it was Wayne Rooney doing what Henry did in the World Cup final would he be castigated like Thierry Henry has been? Ermmmmm. No. Point proven.

Stan Collymore is not the only example of hysterical journalism, John Cross of the Mirror who has written some good articles in the past was guilty of it:

‘Disgusted by Henry’s cheating. Status as #Arsenal legend has gone. He is responsible for biggest cheat since Hand of God. Gutted for Ireland’

Oh dear.

And the old crackpot Myles Palmer was deeply touched by Henry’s handball it seems:

Thierry, you are a sickening cheat and a shameless liar. You’re a disgrace to the sport that’s made you a multi-millionaire. You’re a bottler who has never scored in a final in your entire life and you make me sick

What a scumbag ! What a pitiful, cheating scumbag ! Thierry Henry, you are the scum of Paris, the scum of world sport, the scum of the earth.

“scum of the earth” – whats he done? Touched a football. Hes not committed genocide, set off a suicide bomb or crashed planes into towers. HES TAPPED A FOOTBALL WITH HIS HAND.

Bloody hell.

This is not a topic I really want to revisit to if you have an opinion please air it in the comments because the chances are there will not be another chance to go back to this subject, on this blog in particular.

I want to talk about Arsenal, this is an Arsenal blog but over the past few years I have just found myself getting more and more wound up by the media. Thierry Henry is a man I greatly admire and I challenge anyone who may have been in the same position as him to make a different decision, they wont.

Football returns tomorrow and I will be here with a pre-match blog so stay tuned and remember to change your bookmarks to the temporary new address of The other website will no longer update.

I need a lie down. More tomorrow.


One Response to “Hysterical journo’s should be sacked”

  1. The press have gone way above their heads this time. Like u rightly said, Henry hasnt committed suicide for him to be termed ‘the scum of the earth.’ Pls come to Africa and see the scums in power. those are the real cheats who deprive their people of God given wealth.
    If Rooney or Lampard had handled that ball, the English press would have termed it ‘GENIUS’ forgetting that the ‘King’ Henry and Genius personified. He did what every footballer would have done in that position. doyle said as much. Let’s rest this and move on.


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