Pointless friendly puts van Persie out for 3 months

In Arsenal FC on November 14, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So it looks like we have been hurt by the international break once again with van Persie being stretchered off against Italy in a friendly with a pretty serious injury, reports have said he has either cracked his ankle or torn ankle ligaments but I’m told that he has broken his metatarsal.

After having a relatively injury free period over the past year his luck with injuries has taken a turn for the worse again and you have to feel for the guy, he looked in real pain when he was being taken off and I just hope beyond hope the injury isnt as bad as first feared, we should have Theo coming back along with Vela to soften the blow but van Persie has been enjoying the best form of his career this season.

The man most likely to replace him, Eduardo, scored twice tonight and hopefully that will do his confidence some good heading into a few tough games against Sunderland, Lieige and then the London derby against Chelsea.

I’m really really pissed off that we have paid the price again for letting our players go out on international duty to play in pointless friendlies. Is it really needed?

5 Responses to “Pointless friendly puts van Persie out for 3 months”

  1. Saw the challenge, and to be fair it was a good tackle and just one of those things.
    I think van persie is the one attacking player I really would not have wanted to lose. All the others can definitely be covered adequately, but only bendtner could be described as a proper centre forward, and hes injured as well! The only positive that could come from this is if vela finally gets his chance and does well, because he is going to be real world class at some point.
    Wenger’s idea for international breaks makes so much sense. I dont know why they persist with this ridiculous format. Get all the internationals out of the way in one block during the season. This could even coincide with the African Cup of Nations perhaps…

  2. wtf man wtf why was he even allowed to play in a f*****g point less friendly?

  3. Damn…. arsenal’s season is gone..
    We are not left with only eduardo. Damn it…

    We have lost bendtner as well.. Vela and walcott are still too young to play as a central forward, damn it!!!!!!!

    Its still too almost another 45 days to the January transfer window, before be we can get chamakh. Damn it!!!!

    Damn those fucking italians!!!

  4. Fucking eytie cunt. Gotta be a bum chum of Ancelotti cos you could see how chuffed he was after doing RVP. Get rid of pointless friendlies right in the middle of our season. Fuck fuck fuuuuuck!

  5. When they talk of International friendlies there’s always that ominous feeling that some1’s gonna get hurt and that’s been the case time and time again! oh fuck! he’s the last we could do without at the moment.

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