It's my birthday today

In Arsenal FC on November 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

…and I would really appreciate it if I had an Arsenal win to enjoy, sadly that does not seem to be the case due to another round of utterly pointless internationals.

There is only one bit of news – and I wouldn’t really call it news.

Jack Wilshere is looking forward to playing Citeh at Middle Eastlands in the Carling Cup and believes we can go all the way to Wembley, Jack the Hobbit said:

“It will be good to play against Manchester City and I hope they play a full team. We will go there and believe we can win and hopefully we can.

“I think now we are into the last eight it is realistic for us to win the trophy. I think we can beat Manchester City and if we do then the competition will be wide open. We can go all the way.”

Good to see confidence from the young man who will probably take center stage against Citeh, he is recovering from his ankle injury that kept him out of the last round but he concedes its good to see his fellow youngsters get a chance to shine in the competition:

“I picked up my injury in training but I should be back for the Manchester City game.

“It was frustrating to miss the Liverpool game but it was good to see players like Craig Eastmond come into the side and do well. If people are injured there are always youngsters who can step up and do a job.”

Thats about that for today, sorry for the utterly rubbish blog but I will be back tomorrow with another nothingy update. Till then, and heres to many an alcoholic beverage.


5 Responses to “It's my birthday today”

  1. Happy Birthday, champ :D. *Some* (and I stress, some) of the internationals aren’t ‘pointless’, ie, the playoffs, but the remainder certainly are. I will be watching New Zealand vs Bahrain with interest as I think it would be nice to have the Kiwis involved as whipping boys alongside South Africa and North Korea, heh.

  2. Happy birthday mate! Are you allowed to tell us how young you are? Anyway Hope you’ve had a super day.

  3. Thanks both of you!!

    I have a solution for all internationals Jammathon!

    Vertino.. its a big secret but my age is 40 – 20 – 1 = ?

    I hope your maths is good sir.

  4. 2day is my bday, i just want to do something crazy 2day.

  5. Happy birthday man.

    Its also pretty nice to see what a confident guy we have in wilshere.

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