We knock Liverpool out – Citeh next round anyone? – Merida's contract

In Arsenal FC, Carling Cup on October 30, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Alright all,

I’m still half dying from Swine Flu here, its horrible I tell you, absolutely bloody horrible. Anyway, it didnt stop me from watching the lads the other night and what a great game it was, I really enjoyed it. It was entertaining and you got that feeling that anything could happen at any time.

In defence I was impressed with Senderos and surprisingly Silvestre, and fair play to both of them for knuckling down and working hard because there are many other players in their position who would be moaning about not having enough chances in the starting eleven, Senderos in particular who has been treated like something on the bottom of Arsene Wenger’s shoe.

I was very impressed with Aaron Ramsey who bordered on world class in my opinion, Fran Merida scored a belter of a goal, Bendtner was clearly rusty but his goal was the type of goal I love to watch with an emphatic finish at the end.

Most blogs have already covered the game so I won’t go much further into it but I think the decision for the boss to play some more experienced heads is an important one, it shows that he is taking the competition slightly more seriously and would be more than happy to really go for the trophy this season. There are some formiddable sides we could get drawn against though, how lovely it would be to give Citeh a hiding and knock them out of the cup at the Grove.

Speaking of Middle Eastlands, Adebayor has opened his big fat unwanted skanky fast talking trap again. Bugger off Ade – go spend your money on engraving the number 25 on the moon or something like that you utter clot.

Has anyone noticed that we could be fielding three different goalkeepers in three consecutive games? It is looking more and more likely that Manuel Almunia will reclaim the keepers jersey after Fabianski has tweaked a muscle and will be out for around a month, I thought he did well against Liverpool, his decision making was slightly less dodgy than usual and I wasn’t biting my nails like some kind of neurotic erm…nailbiter.

There is good news about the future of goalscorer Fran Merida though, he is wanting to stay with us (and rightly so) for years to come and said of a new contract:

“I am really happy here so hopefully everything is going to be OK. We are going to sit down and talk about [a new contract].”

He and Cesc seem to get along pretty well, they came to the club in similar circumstances and I’m sure Cesc helped him settle, Ive heard they are good mates and after Merida scored Cesc was the first one to leap out his seat.

Right so I will be back soon with a look forward to our game against the neighbours. Till then.


One Response to “We knock Liverpool out – Citeh next round anyone? – Merida's contract”

  1. I disagree a bit with the way everyone is rating ramsey. He did some excellent things of course, but he still needs to learn not to try to dribble out of defence all the time. That’s always been his main weakness. I dont think he was bordering on world class against liverpool, but he definitely is world class potential, along with a few others in our youth setup.

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