The Goon Blog product review: Arsenal hoodie

In Arsenal FC, Product review on October 27, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Its not often I do things like this on the blog but there are some great products out there that should get some wider attention.

The Nike Arsenal hoodie is one item of clothing that will become very handy over the next few months as the winter sets in, so don’t freeze your arse off at The Grove when watching the lads play and get one of these from Soccer-Pro. It is one of a range of football hoodies that can be found on the Soccer-Pro website.

See a picture of the product here:

Again, this item can’t be found in the Armoury outside the Emirates stadium and it will certainly be cheaper from Soccer-Pro than many other shops stocking Arsenal merchandise.

4 Responses to “The Goon Blog product review: Arsenal hoodie”

  1. ‘its not often I do this on the blog’

    looks like your making a habit of it…

    i take it ur getting these hoodies free when u promote them? why dont u just do what ur good at and blog

  2. they were pre published a week ago.

  3. lool and ur point is??

    i dont think ur on newsnow and theres ur reason y

    they dont allow this shameless advertising for ur own benefit

  4. you are joking right?

    ‘shameless advertising’ – its a fucking product review you stupid cunt.

    Anyway, don’t comment unless you use proper English, so kindly fuck the fuck off.

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