It is not a proper Saturday without football – Rosicky + Ed

In Arsenal FC on October 24, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

You just can’t get that Saturday feeling without football can you? Well, I say without football but there is just no Arsenal today, it should be a crime against humanity if you ask me and when I come to power one day I will make sure that there is Arsenal 24/7, 12 months of the year. I might even make sure there is some Arsenal on that extra day in a leap year.

But, sadly I am not in power and therefore can’t make sure there is some Arsenal every day so we have had to put up with the lovely event of a Tottenham loss, you can’t have many complaints about that. There was some idiot on Radio 5 Live this morning claiming that Spurs could make it into the top three at the expense of Arsenal, sadly I never got to catch their name over my fits of laughter but I think that is one sports show presenter that will not be winning their Premiership placing bet come the end of the season.

There is some bad news for Tomas Rosicky who is out with a knee problem and I think we all just hope it is nothing like the one that forced him out for the best part of two years. I’m sure the medical team are being very, very careful with him and for all we know it could just be precautionary. Hopefully we see him back next week.

Eduardo will be back which gives us another option up front, I’m still not sure if Bendtner will be returning but with van Persie, Arshavin and the newly returned Vela we are covered in the attacking areas of the pitch.

We have had a lot of injuries already this season, we currently have eight players sitting on the sidelines and it just goes to show how the squad is much deeper this season than it has been for a long time, not really in terms of numbers but in terms of quality. Lets just hope none of our real key players get a long term injury like last time round.

It will be interesting to see who takes up the ‘keepers role tomorrow, speaking about the goalkeepers this week the boss has been very defensive of his men and insisting each one of his keepers is up to scratch:

“I wouldn’t say Manuel is no longer our automatic first choice, But Vito has come in and done well.

“It is always difficult with these kinds of decisions. You could say our job is to be unfair sometimes to players. You don’t want to be but some time you have to, no matter what decisions you make sometimes you are unfair to one or two players.”

It is obvious that Almunia’s ‘chest infection’ was the perfect opportunity for Wenger to take a look at the other options available, we will only know who his number one is once Fabianski is back fully fit.

For what it is worth Fabianski scares me, he really does. Every time the ball is in our half my heart is in my mouth. One of the only positions you need a good, experienced level-headed player is the goalkeeping position. Please Arsene, don’t let an inexperienced keeper cost us any chance of glory we may well have this season.

So thats it for this rather dull Saturday, I think a curry with my name on it is currently being cooked, then a nice beverage of the alcoholic variety in front of the X-Factor with the wife of that bloke that plays for Chelsea who’s bird is one of that crappy girl band with the ginger.

And then of course, Match of the Day to revel in Tottenham’s misery.

Back before the game tomorrow.


2 Responses to “It is not a proper Saturday without football – Rosicky + Ed”

  1. chelsea won 5-0,6-0not sure but we have to keep going for goal differents

  2. hahahahahaha!!dude u just made my morning! thanx for the thoroughly entertaining writing.i look forward to more of it in the future =)

    I aint holding my breath till Spurs makes it to the top (cos i havnt got a deathwish). But i cant wait for the day you rise to power!I reckon you’ve recognized the need for quality, stylish, fluent soccer.

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