Football, here we come!

In Arsenal FC on October 15, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Good Morning all of you, wherever on God’s green earth you might be.

The damned internationals have finally come to an end, which means some real football is right around the corner. I hope all the players have manage to avoid getting crocked up as beginning Saturday, we’d see a busy month ahead in terms of football as we’ve got 5 games in 3 different competitions and lets not forget the all important North London Derby, so we’d need all of our first team to be fit for action.

Speaking of first team players, Cesc has been singing praises about Vermaelen and its no surprise why. Here’s what he had to say about the player of the month:

“It’s difficult in this position, especially from centre back because you will always be compared to some other players, or if you know that your defence is one of your weaknesses then you have to do even better to be loved by the people, and I think the fans clicked straight away with him since his first game.”

“He scored a goal [in his first game at Everton], played amazing, his confidence is high at the moment. And with the ball he’s really good. He’s like one more midfielder.”

“These days, to have a centre back that can play, you know, these balls on the ground, between the lines, and past players, for players like me in midfield it’s really good because it gives you so much time and so much space on the ball. It’s really good.”

Naturally, scoring goals certainly helps supporters warm to you, but he’s brought solidity and determination to the centre-half position that certainly was the need of the hour and that’s what matters in the end. Still early days. But I’m sure Vermaelen will prove to be one of Wenger’s astute signings, right up there with Cesc, Henry, Vieira etc. Fingers crossed.

Right, that’s it. There should probably be much more news tomorrow as the build-up to the Birmingham game should bring about a lot more talk, especially as it’s the first time we’re facing them since that cunt Taylor smashed Eduardo’s leg into pieces.

I was having a chat with The Goon the other day as we figured, having this guy playing in the centre of the park, painted with the blood of Martin Taylor instead of wearing an Arsenal shirt would be justice well served.

Enjoy yourselves, life’s too fcukin’ short.


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