Beware; Laporta's Wrath

In Exclusives on October 14, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

After yesterday’s shocking discovery where it was revealed Bracelona ace Lionel Messi had Arsenal DNA flowing through his system, Barcelona’s big guns are reported to be quite angry and have since hit back furiously at Arsenal. It is ‘understood’ (via an ‘inside’ source) that Laporta, in a fit of rage, smashed the trophy cabinets and cursed the ‘horrible’ club that is Arsenal to hell.

Furthermore, it is ‘understood’ that in order to put one over Arsenal, they shall now tap up Silvestre and will not rest until they have signed him on a multi-million dollar contract that shall see him not only captain Barcelona but enable them to replace the ‘trophies’ that Laporta smashed to tiny bits (which in truth helped him come up with the Silvestre coup – so it wasn’t a lost cause – ed.)

There you have it gooners, one of the biggest coups in the history of football and we’re the lucky few to be able to live through it and tell our future generations. Exciting times these.

In regular, quite not so exciting news, Cesc Fabregas has hailed the return of Tomas Rosicky as that of a new signing saying:

“I think he has done very well and he gives you so many options,  you can see straight away the vision he has, the touch, the class that he plays with. It’s great to have him in the team.”

Which is about right if you ask me, Rosicky’s vision pace and technique are par none, however it remains to be seen wether he’d be able to stay injury free or not. Speaking of injuries, Samir Nasri is all set to make his Arsenal return as well, he’d provide competition for places and also provide us with another option along with squad rotation but where the boss plans to play him is another story.

Right I’d say that’s about enough excitement for you lot for today. Hopefully we’ll have more on the Messi-Silvestre story as it unfolds in the coming few days. Keep your fingers crossed. Happy days ahead.


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