The blog is alive again + The issue of privacy

In Arsenal FC on October 13, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Still no real news. I hate international breaks, I really really really hate them.

The blog has been dead for a couple of days whilst we changed the server over so there will be less chance of it cutting out on us in times of high traffic, not that this blog will be appealing to the masses out there.

Cesc is returning to Arsenal today apparently and the last few days have raised the issue of player privacy. Cesc left the Spain squad to be with his family due to a serious family matter, some blogs took it upon themselves to publish pictures of his partner and sister whilst publishing snippets of his sisters Twitter site.

I’m not going to name the site in question but they need to respect peoples privacy, if the boot was on the other foot would they appreciate people publishing pictures of their nearest and dearest whilst their entire family is dealing with a serious issue?

I know I wouldn’t want an obnoxious little no-mark publishing details of my family.

For the next few days I’m going to be shuffling up north, I won’t be able to access the blog or the Twitter so you are going to have to do without me I’m afraid, the blog should be back in some form on Friday night or Saturday. Stay strong during the long days of nothingness.

I have a little story that will be published later. Til then.


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