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In Arsenal FC on October 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So thats phase one of the international break over and done with and so far it seems we have no injuries, the Spanish squad has been ravished but Cesc Fabregas’ withdrawal is down to serious family reasons, it is something that may have been affecting him for a while so I really hope its all going to be alright for him, hes not had the easiest of years has young Cesc.

The centerbacks goalscoring madness continued yesterday with Senderos netting two for Switzerland and Gallas scoring for France. Its great for the squad as a whole I feel to have defenders that score, it relieves the burden on the shoulders of the forward players and can allow them to play with more freedom.

Clichy will not be going to Real Madrid. Just thought I’d bold that bit up. Might make this post a little more interesting than it already isn’t.

It has been a good weekend for our international players – Arshavin aside who’s Russian team lost 1-0 to Germany in their own backyard.

Ivan Gazidis has been talking about trophies again and how trophies mean more to the club than the financial reports, the financial reports are more important that trophies though as without a few good ones we wouldn’t have a team to win trophies.

Anyway, Gazidis is a good guy who is bloody good at his job it seems and hopefully this season will end our trophy drought.

If there is any substantial news I will be back tomorrow, hopefully its good news and there is.

More soon.

See my Sunday column over at Gooner Talk at 15:00

Well, it seems the aftershocks from earthquake Maradona have died down and it is business as usual for Europe’s finest as the fears of a World Cup without the likes of France, Portugal, Germany and South Americas Argentina were proven unfounded. Oh well, better luck next time.

There was quite a kerfuffle over the England game being streamed via the internet on a pay-as-you-watch basis, I’m a staunch believer that every single sport, (within reason – ie. Darts is a pub game) should be on free to air television but the people that paid for the stream are buffoons. Why? Because you could watch the game for free all over the internet.

Its not a new thing, people do it every week, its been around years and the powers at be will never beat it because technology has gone too far. I think its ample revenge on the FA to steal their product after their total and utter shambolic running of the game in this country for so many years.

Taking that rather large chip off my shoulder and putting it to the side I’ll move onto more important issues…… [continue reading here]

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