I am so smart…

In Arsenal FC on October 8, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I have found the perfect solution for Gordon Brown’s main problem – the lack of voters.


Just think how many votes that would get you? More or less every single football fan would think its the best idea since… well…

It would probably be the best decision to ever be made.

It means no more countries stealing their players back from their paid employers and returning them in an ambulance with three fingers and their left leg missing and a tag round their little toe reading: ‘soz mate I hope he’s OK for the friendly in Timbuktu in a months time’.

It is the perfect solution to all Gordon Brown’s troubles, and you know what, it would really annoy FIFA so there is more than just the one plus point. Happy days.

I think the Spanish media are dirt bored at the moment, the endless Cesc to Barca rumours are still circling and have long since past the annoyance threshold, because of this boredom that is currently engulfing them (its because they no longer have any players they can call fat and set up with sexy women that are actually men and stuff like that) they have decided to turn on their own people! The Barcelona captain no less.

There are a whole host of stories linking Carles Puyol to sides in England, most notably Manchester Citeh and our-very-selves.

I don’t rate him that highly to be honest and haven’t for a long time, the blokes got loyalty I’ll give him that, but its not hard to be loyal to a club that you captain and is the owner of some of the worlds best footballers. It also doesn’t matter how crap you are at defending because those dudes up the other end of the pitch will just hammer in a few more than the other team.

He can go to Man Citeh for all I care, I think Wenger should recommend him to Mark Hughes, Puyol will ship loads of goal and Mark Hughes will get sacked. Now those would be good times indeed.

The boss has been talking about players returning from injury, mainly Almunia, Nasri and Fabianski, they should be making their returns just after the international break:

“The timing of this international break is bad but hopefully our players will come back without injuries,” Wenger told earlier this week.

“I hope as well that we can get some players back [from injury] like Samir Nasri, like Manuel Almunia, like Lukasz Fabianski, during this break.

“Looking back at the season so far, what has impressed me most is the quality of the attitude and the spirit, the quality of our team play and the fact that even when we had disappointing results, like at Manchester United and Manchester City, the quality was still there.

It will definitely be a boost to have Nasri back, he will give us another option in midfield and adds a little bit of tenacity. He talked last season about becoming a more defensive minded player and playing alongside Alex Song could be his perfect position – not too defensive but has to put in a decent defensive shift to protect the defence whilst also supporting Cesc Fabregas. It will be interesting to see how the boss uses him.

Thats about it for today. More tomorrow.


2 Responses to “I am so smart…”

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  2. I think this is the season where The Arsenal suffer NO MAJOR INJURIES from international breaks. We’ll have the odd niggle, like Shava’s groin/knee/new hair…but we won’t suffer any major outages.

    The odds are with us. I hope. 😉

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