A whole feast of Arsenal news for you

In Arsenal FC on October 7, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So, the international break is taking hold and its all rather painful isnt it?

The closest I can find to some Arsenal news is a bit about Theo Walcott, he has been called up to the under 21’s again. The boss has apparently agreed to it but after both the seniors and the under 21’s use of Theo over the summer you wouldn’t be surprised if he was backed into a corner and forced to agree to Theo playing on Friday. If he gets injured again there will be hell to pay.

Theo also spoke about why he got Thierry Henry’s autograph at the weekend.

Thats about it on the news front and Ive got a blog to pad out here…

Oh look! The Emirates is hosting an educational summit!

mmm educationey… shame about Gordon Brown spoiling the picture though.

It seems the people at Sky Sports have a sense of humour after all, they are plugging the festive period already and talk about it being a ‘festive feast’, with this picture we can see what they all mean:


I can promise you I am not a voyeur, I just found it rather…erm…funny. No jokes it is their promotional picture.

So whenever you visit the blog this week for your fresh piece of arse you can depend on it being witty, funny and ultimately rather shit.

You have to ask yourself why they are plugging Christmas stuff already though, its the start of October and its months until the festive season…well three to be correct.

Its like when you are in Tesco and they already have isles with Christmas stuff in, what are you gonna do with them? Buy them and wait months why the presents ferment in your cupboard and mold over? It infuriates me.

There is only going to be one person that has read this far… and thats probably going to by myself.

More of this crap tomorrow.


3 Responses to “A whole feast of Arsenal news for you”

  1. There you go i have read it too hahahaha now that makes the two of us pretty SAD dont it…

    Keep the pics coming!!!

  2. I read all the way to the end. I even read the email version. I even saved the email version (as I do with every email version). šŸ™‚

    Given that it’s the interlull, I’ve actually promised my dad that I would spend the entire weekend working on his yard to prepare for winter. Thusly, I am not a big fan of the interlull.

    At least working in the yard will keep me from reading more BS “news” stories out of Spain that Barca have guaranteed their board that they’ll be signing Cesc in the summer. What happens to the two bozos running for President of Barca when Cesc inevitably doesn’t sign?

  3. Hopefully they develop the bubonic plague and die SKAGooner.

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