Cescy Arsenal smash six as Fat Sam loses his marbles

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on October 5, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Well that was bloody fantastic.

It was probably one of the best attacking displays I have seen and the scary thought is that at the start of both half’s it took quite a while for us to get going, if we had been at that intensity for 90 minutes Blackburn and their fat manager would have still been totting up all the goals 24 hours on.

We went behind very early but it seemed to kick us into life, Vermaelen mistimed jump (I think the sun was in his eyes) and some jammy Blackburn player looped a header over Don Vito who was maybe slightly flat footed – nonetheless it was a very, very lucky goal. The Verminators answer to that? 20 years out from goal, receive a pass from the magnificent Cesc and power it into the bottom corner, a world class goal. His fifth of the season already.

Then Blackburn, being the stupid clots so typified by their manager decided to score again, that really pissed us off. From then on we were just sublime, Cesc fed through van Persie a couple of minutes later and he ‘gave it some violence’ into the far corner. 3 in 3 for him. A few minutes after that Cesc was at it again, feeding Arshavin through to slide home from a similar position to van Persie, two lovely goals and all three goals had been created by Cesc.

So, after getting a bit bored of setting up goals Cesc decided to have a go himself and scored an absolute cracker, on the half volley on his left foot into the top left hand corner of the net. 4 left footed goals in a row, has that even happened before?

Theo came into the attack along with Niklas Bendtner and Aaron Ramsey, Theo netted the fifth finishing off a blistering counter attack started by Cesc passing to Arshavin, he ran the entire length of the pitch with Cesc who then poked it through for Theo to coolly slot home. All was not over yet though, Bendtner smashed in his first league goal of the season with a curling shot from outside the area, it was out of the very top draw, in fact, all the goals were.

The only concern was our vulnerability in defence, I think we missed Denilson, the mobility he offers compliments Alex Song who whilst better in the tackle, is much slower. After all, we can’t score six every day but we can sure as hell give it a go.

Going forward the attacking threat this side carries is massive, there are so many options available to the manager and despite having Nasri and Eduardo out yesterday we could still call on Walcott and Bendtner from the bench.

A great weekend as far as Arsenal are concerned, lets hope it continues after the interlull. Another interlull.

What a joke,

More tomorrow.


One Response to “Cescy Arsenal smash six as Fat Sam loses his marbles”

  1. This season might be very similar to 2 seasons ago when Dribbilymcnogoals (borrowing that from u) & Rosicky were fantastic complementing Cesc, only now we have Arshavin instead: a better scorer. Rosicky did not score but played very satisfactorily, boy did we miss his trickery & I jst pray he stays Ok.Diaby had a good game too.
    Allardyce’s been going on about how Bolt became the world’s fastest man; how Semenya is an hermaphrodite & they shld av won a penalty but who cares anyway, did he really think they stood a chance yestrday? Because I think not.

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