Uncle Bouldy to take over from Wenger

In Arsenal FC on October 3, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I really don’t like games on a Sunday, its a pointless exercise because you just end up moping around all of Saturday wanting a fix of Arsenal, and you have to sit through those muppets in the Match of the Day studio (Lee Dixon exempt) getting their tongues stuck in United’s ring.

There has been a little bit of talk about who will succeed Wenger over these past few days with names like Thierry Henry being floated around, for me there is only one man, Steve Bould. Just look at what he is achieving with the youth sides, but a backroom team including Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry would be literally pant wettingly good.

But for now the focus has to be on tomorrows game where three points is a necessity. Over the past few weeks I have said that this run of games is vital as we need to bank as many points as possible, these are teams we just have to beat if we want to have a shot at the title, we are trailing already and whilst it is only early days things can progress deceivingly quickly at this stage of the season, who would have thought we are into October already? September and August have flown by.

We know what we will get from Blackburn, they will come to the Grove to defend and hope for a point, an early goal on our part could maybe lead to some quite scintillating football if we get going. We have scored a lot of goals already this season and, touch-wood, the defence has seemed a little tighter over the past few weeks.

Arshavin has a lot to live up to this weekend, and this season as Wenger has declared he is in a similar bracket to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in terms of quality. There is no doubt that on his day he is one of the worlds finest players and even when its not his day he can pull off magical moments of individual class. I remember against Liverpool at Anfield he hardly had a touch all game and still came away with 4 goals. That is the sign of one hell of a awesome player. On the topic of Ronaldo, since he has gone to Spain he has done really, really well. I’m not a fan of his but one thing is clear – he is one hell of a player. Just imagine if Arsene had managed to sign him..

Back to Arshavin – he is a crowd puller, he gets bums out of seats with moments of skill. I would say he is our best player. Even better than Fabregas.

I’m really looking forward to the game tomorrow and it better hurry the hell up.

More tomorrow.


One Response to “Uncle Bouldy to take over from Wenger”

  1. Taking our chances is really goin to be pivotal to us doing well this season. Last week, it was Chelski agnst Wigan, now United against lowly Sunderland & it’s still goin to be one of Liverpoo or Chelski today. Since d latter part of last season we’ve been handling lower ranked teams BETTER & I’m almost getting that odd feeling we can’t lose, that can lead to being complacent. We’re back to when we were beating Southampton 6-0! I’m still not convinced abt our comeback abilities, though.

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