I'll give you abuse, Ade + Injury news

In Arsenal FC on October 2, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So, two people seemed set on trying to steal the spotlight away from Arsene Wenger on his big day yesterday.

I will deal with the grotty little being that is Emmanuel Adebayor first – poor Emmanuel, (he is named after an angel, you know?) received so much nastiness from those horrid traveling Arsenal fans on that fateful day at Middle Eastlands that it created this massive force field that dragged poor Manu the entire length of the pitch and forced him to his knees, just short of those horrible, mean, beastly Arsenal fans who were saying they liked a little Russian man more than him. Hell, they were even saying he was a better player….

It is not like these fans had supported him when most fans at the club couldn’t care if he rotted in the reserves for the rest of his days, its not like they chanted his name through entire games is it?

Let me make myself clear, I couldn’t give a toss that he hasn’t been banned, what riles me is that the excuse that our fans were singing the ‘elephant song’ was used. They were not singing that song. It was the same tune, but with different words. The interesting thing is it was those City fans that sung the ‘elephant’ version at the top of their voices last season when Adebayor was playing for us.

When the lovely day occurs that Emmanuel ‘I’m an angel’ Adebayor returns to Ashburton Grove the experience at Middle Eastlands will seem like a walk through a field of roses. What will happen to poor Emmanuel then?

I’m sure the delicate soul that assaulted his own team-mate on the pitch against their closest rivals will sink to his knees in anguish at the nastiness that will come his way.

You do not know the meaning of abuse yet Ade, you just wait. Oh so much you could learn from this man.

George Graham was the other man trying to detract from Arsene’s big day. The man brought us success but we were still a very mediocre team, remember the first Premiership season when we finished tenth? If that happened today there would be a riot. I think that shows how far this club has come since that man was in charge.

Yesterday also saw the return of Barcelona continuing their endless tapping up of Cesc Fabregas, Xavi the guy acting as the mouthpiece of their particular sewer this time by declaring Fabregas has ‘Barcelona DNA’ – well he obviously doesn’t have the ‘twat gene’ that seems to go hand in hand with this ‘Barcelona DNA’. Give it a rest eh?

The thing is, Cesc can’t come out and say ‘oi stop chatting crap’ because these are players he looked up to and admired when he was at Barcelona, these are players he is in the Spanish national team with. He gets backed into a corner and when he re-affirms his love for Arsenal his comments get picked apart by the media. This time he said:

“It doesn’t upset me what Xavi says, not at all. It is very flattering from a great player like Xavi, but I am the captain of Arsenal and I have a job to do here. Everyone has their own life and you do what you feel is better for you.

“Being at Arsenal is the best thing for me at the moment. I want to win things here. I love London, it’s a great city, it’s like my house, it’s really good. It is very important for a player to feel at home and I feel like that.”

Sometimes you really have to wonder whether the media want to push players like Cesc out of the country and Premier League, it happened with Ronaldo.

Ahead of the game on Sunday there is some early injury news and it seems that Eduardo might be out for quite some time with what is rumoured to be a ruptured thigh muscle, he has been having problems with thigh injuries for a little while now.

Nicklas Bendtner and Theo Walcott return to the squad, Bendtner had a really lucky escape when he had his accident on Sunday – he claims that God saved him, maybe he will team up with Eboue and they will go around knocking on doors like Jehovah’s witnesses? In an seriousness, he is a lucky guy and it could have been much worse, its good to know he is alright.

Theo will almost certainly not start but will hopefully make a substitute appearance. He will give us an option of sheer pace we have not had so far this season, it will be good to have him back.

This post is a bit linkless because my PC is being a bit of an idiot and its taking ages to load, I don’t have the patience.

Anyway, thats about that. More tomorrow.

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