Arsene Wenger is one of the greatest

In Arsenal FC on October 1, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Thirteen years to the day a spectacled Frenchman signed a contract making him the manager of Arsenal Football Club, out went the old training methods and unhealthy foods and in came strict diets and training regimes. It was a day that not only started our ascent to one of Europe’s elite clubs but it was also a day that started a revolution in English football.

In the past thirteen years football in this country has changed beyond recognition, in 1996 when Wenger took over who would have thought that in 2009 three of the top four clubs in England would be owned by billionaire foreigners and Arsenal were on the verge of being owned by American Stan Kroenke. Because that is the way its heading.

It is without doubt that Wenger is our greatest ever manager, one of the cleverest and astute men you could ever wish to be in charge of our football club and his trophy haul over thirteen years is not bad at all. Three league titles, four FA Cups and four community shields.

Thats just on the surface. He has brought some of the finest exponents of the game to our club, Thierry Henry is one of the greatest players that has ever blessed the game, Patrick Vieira one of the all time Premiership greats, Robert Pires a player that scored so many memorable goals.

The beautiful football – the old ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ couldn’t be further away now – the unbeaten season. What an achievement that was. We won the league in Sp*rs own backyard, and at Old Trafford.

We have gone from Highbury to Ashburton Grove, the foundations of the clubs self sustainable future. People may look at Stan Kroenke and think he will plough money into the club but that is not his style, he is frugal, he sees the future in Arsenal, it is a future that will outlast Chelsea, United, Liverpool and maybe even City.

Arsene Wenger is a hero of mine, its not his achievements necessarily, it is the way he has gone about achieving them. He is a man who is fiercely principled, he had a policy, or a dream you may call it, and he has executed it. It has not paid off yet but I don’t know another manager who could have kept this club in the top four these last few seasons on the resources Wenger has had available.

There are people that think winning trophies is a god given right to every club, its not. There are only three trophies of real value every season and there are many, many other clubs fighting for these very trophies. Sometimes those teams are just better than us.

As fans we are privileged to have been able to watch teams under Arsene Wenger, his loyalty is only surpassed by that of Old Demento over at Old Trafford and those two gave us a rivalry we will probably never forget.

I’m sure in 20 years time Arsenal fans will look back with pride at what Wenger did for the club and understand why he has not spent the kind of money clubs around us have, and I can tell you something, there will be nobody wanting to end our so called trophy drought more than the boss.

Just to prove that he is not a guy doing all he can to spend the least money possible:

[the unbeaten season] “the only time I thought I did a good job”.

An entire league campaign unbeaten. Who can match that? People harp on about Man United’s side over the past few years and the current Barcelona side, but none of those teams will go a league campaign unbeaten.

Don’t have a go at me for being blinded by faith in Wenger, or say I’m a Wenger fan over Arsenal. I’m an Arsenal supporter first and foremost but I know if there is one man capable of taking this squad to silverwear, it is Arsene Wenger.

Times are changing though, foreign ownership is looming and a fifth year without a trophy will be seen by some as a disaster – a look back in the history books will tell you that it is far from a disaster in Arsenal terms but I guess that is exactly that, history.

I hope Arsene is here for another five years at least, there is the possibility he won’t be and every season that passes without a trophy the shouting will get louder and louder for a new face, but right now we are one hell of a lucky club, and we are fans of a club that not only that has a great history, it will also have a great future. And a lot of that great future will come from the foundations Arsene Wenger has helped build.

More tomorrow.



5 Responses to “Arsene Wenger is one of the greatest”

  1. Bravo, Goonblogger. Bravo.

  2. Arsène’s an epitome of loyalty & self-discipline. good post.

  3. great post mate! keep it up!

  4. What a man absolutely class.

    Just a point. You mention there are only 3 trophies worth winning of any note, yet you mention our 4 charity shields!! Surely they are not worth much at all.

    I class the PL, CL, FA cup as the majors worth winning.

  5. I mention the charity shield’s yes, its a different kettle of fish though because you only get the chance to win it from winning one of the two main competitions in English football.

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