Arsenal 2-0 WBA: Watt pressure?

In Arsenal FC, Carling Cup on September 23, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So last night saw the kids, with a sprinkling of experience, safely negotiate the challenge of West Brom.

After the last few years there was a bit of expectation on them and if they went down at the first hurdle it would have been a major disappointment. I couldn’t see the game and all I have see of it is a few highlights hastily assembled online, the most controversial moment of the game seemed to be Jerome Thomas hitting out at Jack Wilshere and getting himself sent off.

It was a red card, Thomas had his elbow in Jack’s face so after exchanging a few pleasantries Thomas thought it was clever to slap/push Wilshere in the face and neck region whilst he was on the ground. Jack exaggerated it slightly for sure but you can’t hit out at people, it was a certain red card and an important moment in the game that swung it in our favour.

We left it late to finish the game off and from what I have read we deserved the victory, it wasn’t a performance to match that battering we gave Sheffield United last season but the performance was grinded out and from that perspective, the result is just as good, just less headline grabbing.

The introduction of the half-fit Carlos Vela seemed to swing it one last time, setting up Sanchez Watt to finish neatly after a superb turn from the Mexican, Mark Randall then had a lovely chip come back off the bar for Vela to snaffle in the area, round the keeper and poke it home. Game over, bring on the next round.

I think it was a shame the game was not televised, our youngsters receive a lot of attention not just from Arsenal fans but fans from all clubs, I know fans from many other clubs that take a big interest in how our youngsters are progressing. At the end of the day there is a chance the next generation of England players could have a distinct Arsenal contingent. The players out there last night are just the tip of the iceberg as far as youth quality at the club goes.

After the game Wenger was understandably pleased with the result, saying:

“I feel overall it was a good game. It would have been a great game certainly if it had stayed 11 against 11 but we were patient, we played with cohesion and intelligence. We didn’t make mistakes and in the end the natural outcome was there.”

Dare I say it but is he hinting at a bit of maturity being shown last night? The team were patient and were made to battle against a decent West Brom side.

Wenger was also on great form last night when he was asked about the incident between Jerome Thomas and Jack Wilshere. When asked about whether he heard what Jack the Hobbit said Wenger replied…

“I don’t know. My eyes are not great and my ears are even worse”

ahhh, great again from the boss.

So we have been given our first glimpse of the future this season, heres hoping we can go all the way this year. The focus shifts onto the weekends game now and over the next few days we should get bits and pieces of team news, Arshavin could be back in contention but the game may still come too soon for him and Walcott. I guess we will have to wait and see.

More tomorrow.


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  1. highlights now available on the bbc –


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