Ever thought of the other kind of Football?

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I hate the word ‘Soccer’, it should be football and nothing else. As you know, the Americans have also adopted the Football name for another sport, American Football. You may not have the knowledge about it that you do about the hideously named ‘Soccer’ but you can get some quite brilliant sports betting odds.

As not everyone can be in the USA at the same time the only real way to bet on it is via online Football betting.

The NFL is currently spreading globally and has an event that is similar to the ’39th game proposal’ the Premier League may explore, this year at Wembley (the 3rd year of this growing brand), the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers go head to head.

Tampa Bay are of course linked to the Glazer family, who own Manchester United.

3 Responses to “Ever thought of the other kind of Football?”

  1. I think we seriously need to dispel the myth about the word “soccer.”

    First, it is not intrinsically an American thing — “soccer” is another abbreviation for “Association Football,” same as, well, “football.” Indeed, I have heard (but never confirmed!) the first edition of the codified rules actually says “Soccer” on it, but that could just be myth as well. So it has its origins in the UK.

    Second, Americans are hardly the only ones who use it. Australia’s national team are the “Socceroos,” as they, much like the USA, have their own native version of “football.” I’ve also seen UK-based rugby websites refer to it as soccer, as they consider rugby to be “football!” Indeed, doesn’t the UK have a program called “Soccer Saturday” on TV?

    In any event, some of this may be blinking obvious already. Just wanted to start the conversation. 😉

    — Geoffrey D. Wessel
    American Gunner Since 1992

  2. Aha, I cant stand the word ‘soccer’. Its just one of those things that really, really annoys me!

  3. Proof that the Americans are wrong!

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