Weekend round-up – Vela to play against WBA – Wenger moan

In Arsenal FC on September 21, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all,

So yesterday we closed the gap on Sp*rs and Citeh but remain quite some way behind Chelsea out in front. Not a bad weekend by any means and we did everything possible to close down the points deficit. The league will come alive in January/February time, especially when Chelsea lose their African players.

One trophy we should be concentrating on this season is the Carling Cup, I believe there is a big case for playing some of the first team and really give the cup a decent shot this year. The kids can get to the quarter finals but beyond that it gets much more challenging and some older and better heads are needed. Carlos Vela is going to make his first appearance of the season which will be nice to see, there is a hell of a lot of hype around him and I have not always understood it with some of the displays Ive seen. I can see the potential though, he has a hell of a lot of it, he could be a genius in a few years time.

Bloody hell, I’m starting to sound like Myles Palmer.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a Carling Cup kids 09′ feature giving the lowdown on the players that will be playing in this years competition.

Robin van Persie has been talking about his form this season and he is a notoriously slow starter, I fancy him to score next week and maybe go on a little run getting 4 in 6 games or something like that. His scoring record has never been prolific but he creates chances too which evens it out in some ways, he missed some sitters on Saturday and admits he needs to improve:

“I wasn’t so pleased with my own performance though. I just missed too many chances and that is something I have to work on.

“There were a lot of them [on Saturday] especially the one that I controlled on my chest. I was totally free but didn’t expect to be. That was my own mistake but it was a very good pass from Cesc. I should have done better but I’m confident it will be OK very soon. Still the main thing was the three points and they were very good for us.”

Robin isn’t the type of player that will get us 30 goals a season, he will get 20-25 in all competitions, for out and out goalscorers the only one we have is Eduardo who does very well on that left hand side but it means he doesn’t score as many as he would do if he was played in the middle of the park. I still think there is a case for playing either Bendtner or Eduardo in the middle with van Persie on one of the flanks with the other, Wenger knows what he is doing though and its not like van Persie has been bad this season. He just prefers to score absolute smashers rather than scrappy goals like Eduardo can do.

One thing I have noticed since he has been at the club is that he vary rarely goes for placement over power, if he gets a shooting opportunity he more often than not smashes the ball as hard as he can which is fine if it is on target.

van Persie is also one half of an ever recurring story at the moment, the story about him and Vermaelen having their bust up in the Ajax tournament a few years back. Speaking about it he said:

“He is hard and played very strong on me physically, I was a little bit upset about that. So I told him in nice words!

“Now I’m happy he is on my side now. In training everyone mixes up so I play against him. He is tough and it’s good because I am training against proper defenders.”

Robin was notoriously short tempered a few years ago and it is something that he has managed to keep out of his game, it was noticeable when Adebayor decided to flatten his face. Maybe even a year ago that would have sent him over the edge.

We are being called moaners at the moment, the chants at United started it off and we rightly kicked up a stink about it, the game at Citeh was dominated by the Adebayor celebration and stamps and we kicked up a stink and rightly so, but comments like this from Wenger only serve to give these labels credit. Speaking about tactical fouling he said:

“It is not especially aimed at any particular player, but it looks to me that some players make repeated fouls and do not get punished,” said Wenger.

“The yellow card is not linked with the number of fouls a player makes, but only with the spectacular side of the fouls. If some player always makes little fouls – and in the last four games we played, every single team had one player who did that. I am not saying who in particular it is. I don’t want to make any big fuss over it, I just want to make referees alert to it.

“I think the referee has all the rules in the book that if a player makes three or four little fouls, it is a yellow card. If you make one spectacular foul, like Song did on Saturday, even if it is not dangerous you get a yellow card. In their team you had players who made four, five, six, seven fouls and didn’t get a yellow card.”

“I think I will try and speak to them [the FA], yes,”

“We have already talked about it at a UEFA meeting because in the modern game you play always against 10 defenders. So when you can get four against four, or three against three and you get punished and have to start again from zero, it is difficult. This also goes for Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, everybody.”

Fouling is part of the game and no rule will chance it, there is nothing that can be done. Alex Song is more than capable of giving away lots of these tactical fouls too, you have to grin and bear it or get stronger and simply stay on your feet in the challenge. Its things like this I wish Wenger wouldn’t say.

The timing of blogs has been errattic in the past few weeks but I’ve had a lot to sort out so apologies for that, its pretty hard to keep the motivation to write daily when hits are plummeting faster than a Drogba dive but I will try to keep it going.

More tomorrow.


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