Arsenal 4-0 Wigan: Woooaaahhh, the Verm is on fire

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on September 20, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Some people wanted a defender and a striker brought in in the summer, it looks like we got both in one Thomas Vermaelen.

Two fantastic goals, his third and fourth of the season for us pretty much secured the three points in a game where we were brilliant one minute and infuriatingly sloppy the next.

(scorers: Vermaelen x2, Eboue, Cesc)

At the start we had much more urgency than we had shown in previous weeks, the intent was there from the off and in under a minute Wigan were under pressure. Wigan were poor throughout but that was partly down to how well we played in spells, after Vermaelen got his first goal with a thumping header we seemed to get a little sloppy in the middle of the park, Diaby was effective but infuriating in equal measure, Cesc was there when he needed to be and played a genius ball into van Persie who turned on a sixpence and his shot went just wide. He isn’t himself at the moment Cesc, after he scored the fourth (whilst carrying a painful knock by the looks of things) he celebrated with the team and turned and saluted the crowd.

Maybe his lack of smiley-ness is down to a new hardman image, the tattoos, shorter hair, leather jacket etc. It could also be down to him not being happy over results that are the minimum expectation, not getting over excited over beating Wigan who are, no offence, a poor team this season.

It was a landmark game for Eboue who was booed off the pitch against Wigan last season, he is a flawed genius, he could be such a good player but he really does not do himself any favours at all. His comeback from that episode of last season is up there with the best comebacks of Arsenal players, be it from injury or otherwise. It shows he is a strong guy (maybe not in the physical sense with his reputation) and gives an insight into why he is loved so much by the other squad members. We all love a good laugh at Eboue, his t-shirts thanking God, his thanking of God after scoring, walking out onto the pitch, thanking God, his pleas of innocence after falling over with nobody around him or attempts to cut Nani in half at Old Trafford a couple of years back. You have only came to see Eboue, remember?

This game was the start of a phase that will be so, so important in our season. We have been to United, Citeh and Everton and got a point, we have games against Fulham, Blackburn, Birmingham, Tottenham, West Ham, Wolves and Sunderland all coming up before a clash with Chelsea, we need 15 points out of 18 in those games. We can win them all, but this side has shown its attacking strengths and now needs to show the main ingredient in a successful league side, consistency.

It would be helpful if both of todays games ended up as draws but I wouldn’t mind if City lost, you don’t know how good a team is until they lose because you don’t know how they react to failure.

I’ve got to rush off and write my Sunday column that I should really have started last night. Reaction from the game today, and more, tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Arsenal 4-0 Wigan: Woooaaahhh, the Verm is on fire”

  1. I must say I’ve been a bit worried by Cesc l8ly. His passes havnt been up there, and he lookd unhappy in recent games. I wld like to think it was the reslts & d knock he got yesterday.
    In recent seasons something’s changed: we were finding it difficult to beat teams like Wigan by that yesterday’s margin but it’s been changing since d latter part of last season, we need to get a few good results against d top teams though.
    Vermaelen’s quite dependable.
    post the link to ur column here when u’re through Goonblogger. Happy sunday.

  2. Cesc looked like he picked up a heavy knock and wasn’t moving much outside centre circle.

    Good on him for making the run to bag the goal.

    All in all quite comfortable stuff yesterday, there were some lapses at times which is still a slight worry.

    I agree fully with your comment on getting some consistency going now. The game v Fulham will not be easy but is certainly winnable. I’d like to see us win all our prem games leading upto the spurs game. I think this is very possible too.

    We are now competing with villa and city for a top 4 spot

  3. We are not competing with Villa, ive been distinctly unimpressed with them personally

  4. Wigan were poor yesterday, but against stonger opposition we would have struggled yesterday. Midfield was packed out, but we lost as many balls there as we won and overall I thought we looked tired. Sagna and Clichy were quiet for most of the game and as was said above, there is something wrong with Cesc. He did get a hefty knock yesterday (1 of many we got with no card from the ref), but for such a good goal he looked emotion less. I hope he isn’t being tempted by the flash cash brigade after 3 tough away games.
    Still on a positve note, great to see Rosicky back he looked busy and change the pace when he came on (and I loved him throwing his shirt into the crowd). All we need is the rest of our strike force back and we’ll be a top 2 team, let alone top 4.
    (er – and our #1 keeper)

  5. Kunle, sunday column is here

  6. thnx Goonblogger. Apparntly, some pple seem to think they should have a right to a nice read every now & then, I guess it’s because the party’s been with us l8ly considerin Eddy, then Ade and they’re gettin used to it. lol.

  7. Unimpressed or not villa are on a run and won 4 out of 5 games. So at present I would say they, again seem to be in the upper echelons. They may well fade like last year, but at present they should not be discounted.

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