Citeh 4 – 2 Arsenal: van Persie could end up with disrepute charge

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Ive just about calmed down now. The performance from us was poor, be it a post interlull hangover I don’t know, but the urgency, pressure high up the field and overall hard work was just not there and a scintillating start to the season has been turned on its head. Played 4, won 2 lost 2.

Excuses are there, we were without Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott but we have been without two of those all season. You can blame the international break but it was the same for both teams, we were crap, lets just face it.

Adebayor showed us why we were so happy to see him leave, first he left his foot in on Fabregas, then he proceeded to stamp on van Persie’s face, then score and run the entire length of the pitch to goad all the traveling Arsenal fans who gave him such support last season.

The two losses we have suffered do not mean the end of the world is about to happen in Arsenalistic terms, we have gone to Everton, City and United and got three points. What we have to do now though is get 15 points from our next 5 games because they are all teams we should be beating.

Anyway, there are a million and one match reports around so I will get onto the big talking points.

Number 1

Look at the direction of Adebayor’s leg, that was intentional no doubt. The referee let him off as it was early in the game but that is no excuse. Cesc could have ended up with a broken ankle and quite frankly, Adebayor was still lucky to be on the pitch after that.

Number 2

Cowardly, violent and downright dangerous. This is again, clearly intentional. The contact that was made was literally centimeters from van Persie’s eye, if Adebayor had raked his eye there is every chance he would have been left with permanent damage.

Number 3

How stupid can you get? Just how stupid is this man?

Number 4


The first goal was clearly offside, Micah Richards in goalside of the last defender. Doesn’t hide the fact that Almunia should have done a lot better than he did.

Enough of the moaning, we can scream and shout all day but it will not change anything, Rosicky came on and made a big difference, possibly showing that we lacked that extra bit of creativity. Yes, on another day the result may have been different and the scoreline is misleading but a loss is a loss.

The recovery must start in Belgium on Wednesday because losing can become a habit and we need to snap out of it now. Liege are not an easy team to beat so we will have to be better than we were yesterday.

I think today is just the start of the fallout of yesterdays game but the lads would do well just to learn from the performance and work their arses off to put it right in the coming weeks. I was told by Neil Ashton of the NOTW that van Persie may face a charge of bringing the game into disrepute for his statement released on the official site after the game, I think that it is very rare such an eloquent, articulate and strong statement is made by a player. There was nothing wrong with it what-so-ever.

More tomorrow.


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9 Responses to “Citeh 4 – 2 Arsenal: van Persie could end up with disrepute charge”

  1. sorry but that is political correctness gone mad. The guy had a bruise very close to his eye. Even if it was accidential (and I don’t think it was), the Man City striker should have gone up to him, apologized and made sure he was okay when he was recieving the treatment. He didn’t and that says a lot. And now the FA might punish RVP? Incredible!

  2. And this surprises you because???? Hes an Arsenal player, the Fa will luk for any reason to charge him

  3. Bond,

    It doesn’t and I agree with you or I can’t find reasons to disagree with you.

  4. Just hope they throw the book at Adebayor. Aldo i have a feeling they will let him off lightly. Just waiting for the media to twist the whole story around and arsenal will the the villians again. Yesterday was incredible, i never seen a player so out of control

  5. RVP deserves what he got; he has some nerve talking about Adebayor setting out to hurt him; what exactly was he trying to do with the (luckily) missed two-footed challenge that put him at Adebayor’s feet? They both conducted themselves well below the standards expected in the game, but RVP’s statement shows him to be no more than a hypocritical self-righteous pu**y. I’m no Adebayor fan; I think he is a prick for the way he acted in this match, but be honest. RVP tried to take him out with a savage tackle and got kicked in the face. Boo-f*cking-hoo.

  6. Cowboys don’t cry, Robin. The only way to put the record straight is to wait for the next game and someone else to do the same to him.
    To Arsene, you need a big brother in the team to look after our kids. Someone who would have seen the intentions from Ade right in the beginning and planned accordingly. (Viera comes to mind )There still other teams who are going to kick us off the park…watch this space.

  7. we will NOT be kicked off the park! jst sit down & take a look @ d game again, it could even have been 5-4 or 6-4 in favour of Arsenal but we jst weren’t clinical in front of goal. Arshavin wld av made d diffrnce though coz he’s our calmest attackin player by far.
    Wake up people! I’d be goddamned if u expctd more frm classless Adebastard. I dnt think the kick was intentnal but he wasnt sorry nonetheless. FUCK U ADE!

  8. @ Justice, ur brain’s so twisted, whoever deserves to get kickd in d head?

  9. At least we have some good news about Eduardo.

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