Arsenal v Saudi Arabia: Ade, bring. it. on.

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on September 12, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

This is slightly later than planned so sorry about that. I had this dream last night, I was playing for Derby County against Arsenal and it finished 4-4, even though I was playing for Derby (yes I know, my brain doesn’t know what side its bread’s buttered on), I wanted Arsenal to win of course.

Strange one.

Anyway we flew out to the oil rich lands of Saudi  Arabia yesterday to take on Manchester City with their elongated cunt of a center forward named Emmanuel Adebayor. He has been chatting with a few papers, spinning a few lies but we know thats what he does and it will hurt him more if we don’t bite on that but just jeer and heckle the crap out of him today.

He is in good form so we need to put an end to that today, personally I wouldn’t mind if his hamstring snapped in half whilst trying to score or Eboue ran on with a baseball bat and decided to hit him for a home run. The defence needs to click today because Citeh have a fair few attacking options, Tevez and Robinho are out which is a bonus but Stephen Ireland is the heartbeat of the team so I’m sure Song and Denilson will be charged with marking him out of the game.

We went with 4-3-3 against United so we will be going with 4-3-3 against Citeh, I’m hoping that Eduardo replaces the injured Arshavin up front because his movement is second to none and I really think it will cause Toure some problems, we know he is not the Toure of old and is prone to errors and nobody will know them better than our very selves.

One player that needs to step it up now is van Persie, he is traditionally a bit of a slow starter in a season but we are into the second month now and he needs to get going, he scored a decent goal for Holland this week and he now has to show that for us. Speaking ahead of the game he has been diverting the pressure onto Citeh by saying:

“At Arsenal we would never buy a player who costs £40 or £50million, If you look at clubs who have spent that kind of money then I don’t see them playing as a team. If you look at our transfer policy then you can see how players respond when the manager puts faith in them.

“If you think of yourself as part of a group then you are prepared to work hard for results together. A £40m player feels the pressure. They are going to be judged more than some guy who has come through the youth policy and then he thinks in terms of one person not the team.”

Citeh have started better than I expected, I had thoughts of them being totally disjointed but they have been efficient rather than breathtaking. They have spent some stupid money but I think their manager is shite, I don’t rate Mark Hughes one little bit, he was shite as a player too.

One thing I’m hoping I don’t hear today is the Adebayor Elephant song, we all know what it is and after the Wenger complaints the other week we can’t go and sing a song that is borderline racist because the media will pick it up and quite frankly, we are better and more inventive than that.

I hope Bendtner scores today, he was brilliant for his country in midweek netting 2 goals in 2 games, his celebrations will be interesting if he does, I’d love it if he ran up to a team-mate and pretended to headbutt him. That would raise a few wry smiles.

Right, I’m up for this. Come on Ade you lanky streak of piss, do your worst. You were called Adebarndoor for a reason.

Till tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Arsenal v Saudi Arabia: Ade, bring. it. on.”

  1. it’s goin to be a very close one. This is when & where we need to start the “grinding out” they’ve talkd abt all summer.

  2. You do realise the owners of Man City are from Abu Dhabi and not Saudi Arabia. Just like saying Ireland or England.

  3. so everytime we’re gonna play chelsea ur gonna say arsenal v russia, or everytime we play man utd u’ll say arsenal v usa?

    I doubt it very, very much.

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