A bit of news ahead of visit to Citeh

In Arsenal FC on September 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

At last, we are close to a return of proper football!!

I will save the majority of the team news for tomorrow but it has been confirmed that Arshavin is out of the game at the weekend and possibly the next two games after that. Like I said yesterday, its more than annoying. The boss was not happy:

“We are upset because he should not have played. He was not in a condition where he could afford to play 90 minutes. We took him off against Manchester United because he was injured already at half-time. He will be out for Saturday, Wednesday and certainly next Saturday.”

Was it Guus Hiddink’s fault? Was it Arshavin himself? I think the blame lies with the player myself, especially after Hiddink left it to the player to decide.

Denilson is sorry that Adebawhore and Toure have gone. I’m not.

The boss has been saying that Arsenal is the best place for young players to come to and develop their potential and believes that the plans FIFA have to stop transfers of under 18’s will lead to players with massive potential not being noticed. When it came to the Arsenal academy itself, the boss was again defensive:

“It is ridiculous because I heard some people say we sign here 30 or 40 players,” said Wenger. “We have no room for 30 to 40 players; we sign one or two. And if you look today at the home-grown players nobody has more than us in the Premier League. We are ahead of everybody.

“If we buy a young boy – because there is compensation there – we give him a programme and give him a chance to play. We promote, we educate and we integrate. That is why we have success in the way we do it.”

I maintain the opinion that by the 2014 world cup the England national team will be full of youngsters that have at some point been trained at Colney, we can see how good some of the kids at the club are and hopefully they live up to their potential and give us a national team to be proud of…because Arsene Wenger will have gone a long way to producing it.

The 4-3-3 looks set to be kept when we go up to Citeh tomorrow afternoon to face the long, greedy streak of piss that is Adebayor, its hard to argue it has been anything but a success judging by this season so far.

Much more and a match preview tomorrow morning. Till then.

2 Responses to “A bit of news ahead of visit to Citeh”

  1. I hope Ade scores against you ungrateful bitches. He deserved at least £80,000 to play for a bunch of two faced turds like you.

    Every word said against him you lapped it up, every word he said in his defence you rubbished, because that is what you wanted to believe. So what if he didn’t say it when wanted him to, are you his mum that he should have to answer every rumour because you say so? Even your manager says team plays better away than at home. Why? because if they make a wrong move they will be booed.

    You are the most disgraceful supporters in the league.

  2. Take my advice and fuck off you stupid cunt.

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