I hope England lose

In Arsenal FC on September 9, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Look, ive had enough of this now. Please, just let it stop.

And my blogging software is was playing up.

Now, I’m English, I’m a fairly patriotic kinda guy but all this talk that diving is below English players is total and utter bollocks in my view. I’m not going much more into it than that but I want England to lose tonight, the mighty, honest, hard-done-by England

I’m not going to say something immature like I hope John Terry breaks his leg diving when Eduardo tries to tackle him.

*cough cough*

Eduardo is going to be getting some stick tonight and its totally unjustifiable, I hope he scores the winning goal leaving John Terry on his fat arse and Lescott wedged into the ground with his funny shaped head.

I’m hoping there will be some Arsenal news soon, I would rather its not injury news though.

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully.


2 Responses to “I hope England lose”

  1. Eduardo was taken off, i hope that wasn’t due to an injury..

  2. I think it was more due to the fact they were losing heavily. There was no obvious sign of injury from what I saw.

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