Wenger after Balotelli – Graham Poll is a prat

In Arsenal FC on September 7, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning/afternoon/evening/night to whoever you are from wherever you are reading. If I were you I would head for that red cross in the corner of your browser because quite frankly, there is bugger all going on at the moment.


I think it goes to show just how quiet things are when all four of Newsnow’s top stories are “Wenger talks about Balotelli“.

You may think: “Who is this Balotelli? What is this Balotelli? Is it some kind of Italian-Franco tagnetelli?”

As it turns out, its a young footballer who Wenger thinks can ‘become one of the greatest’. Now I don’t doubt Wenger’s judgment on players but didn’t he once say Tuncay would be one of the worlds best players a few years ago? Or maybe a lot of years ago? Anyway. Wenger has mentioned his name so he is probably never going to be an Arsenal player.

Graham ‘three cards’ Poll has waded into the ‘diveygate’ melodrama by saying that Wayne Rooney should not be labeled a diver in the press because it might work against England at next summers World Cup. Does he not know the meaning of what he is saying or something? What an idiot.

Patrick Barclay has written some pretty decent articles recently and he is keeping up that good form by saying that Arsenal are victims of a witch-hunt over the Eduardo ban. Especially considering UEFA wont be taking the same action over other divers.

If you want to bid on Niklas Bendtner’s football boots (all proceeds to charity), take a look at this.

Don’t get too bored folks, see, I told you you were better off clicking the cross in the corner of the page didn’t i?

’till tomorrow.


Check out my Sunday column on Gooner Talk.


8 Responses to “Wenger after Balotelli – Graham Poll is a prat”

  1. Balotelli is the real deal. Tall, fast, skillful and a good finisher.

  2. Nice blogging buddy

  3. What is Italian-Franco tagnetelli then?

  4. Great blog! LOL @ Platini’s Interlull!

  5. Biggy Italian Tagnetelli is a type of pasta

  6. Bloody good pasta too

    Predictions for saturday? I reckon 3-1 Arsenal

  7. chekd out ur goonertalk article, some real sense behind the pen eh?- Brilliant m8!

  8. thanks Kunle!

    Erm Goonertank, any win will do!

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