Usmanov will never own Arsenal FC – Djourou 6 month absence

In Arsenal FC on September 5, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon people, this isnt going to be the longest blog I have ever written because quite frankly there is not an awful lot out there and what is out there, is utter crap.

That is what The Sun are leading with today and it absolutely stinks. The chances of Usmanov ever completing a takeover of this club are nil as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think the board (with the money of Stan Kroenke) would ever be swayed by Usmanov’s billions, it must also be remembered that Usmanov has lost a lot of money over the past year or so sitting 200 places lower than Stan Kroenke in the rich list and with a wife who is even richer.

It is claimed he is eying up a deal for Bracewell-Smith’s shares, but given her families long ties with the club, even if she is still angry, I can’t see her selling to a man nobody apart from himself and David Dein want owning the club.

I’m pro Stan Kroenke, but thats only if we have to be foreign owned.

Stuff like this will not go away until we do get taken over which I have to admit, will probably happen sooner or later. Usmanov has recently been eating up shares and is moving ever closer to the 29% mark where he has to launch an official takeover offer, Stan Kroenke is literally less than a % away from that from what I have seen.

Dara O’Briain writes in the Guardian, worth a read.

It is being reported in France (why do they always get our injury news first?) that Johan Djourou is going to be missing for the next six months because he has to undergo some knee surgery to clear up a long running problem. I don’t think its the first time he has been troubled by knee injuries and at such a young stage of his career you have to think if it will be something that might run and run through his career.

It probably explains why we were reticent to part with Phil Senderos and we look an awful lot stronger in the defensive department than we would without him. It would have meant Silvestre would have been first choice back-up in Djourou’s absence and given Gallas’s record of having an injury of decent length every season its a situation that would have been precarious to say the least.

Yesterday I think John Terry practically handed himself the Hypocrite of the year award by saying this:

“Diving is something the England lads don’t do. Sometimes we’re too honest.

“Even in the Premier League, we see the English lads get a bit of contact and try to stay on their feet and score from the chance. The foreign mentality coming in is any little clip, you go tumbling over because of the speed of the game nowadays.”

Hahahahahahaha is all I have to say about that. This diving lark has got a bit boring now.

I’m not sure if its today or Wednesday when the Czech Republic play but I just pray to god Thomas Rosicky doesn’t get another setback.

More tomorrow.


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