Arsenal have grounds for Eduardo appeal + Amazon UK withdraw chant

In Arsenal FC on September 4, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all,

have any of you ever watched Groundhog Day? You see, for me today kind of feels like yesterday, and the day before that, and maybe even the day before that. Is is the lack of football? Not sure. Is is the ongoing Eduardo divey thingy? Possibly. Is it the ongoing kerfuffle about the Wenger chant? I guess its possible. Anyway, it almost feels like I could make a Groundhog Day II where the Ku Klux Klan return to burn Eduardo at the stake and then they all run around singing the Wenger chant and torment Eduardo by diving over in-front of him like a beached Seal. Of course, that would make me a multi-millionaire film idea comer-upper and would probably lead to me being assassinated by Steven Spielberg for stealing all his jobs.

The prize idiot of the day award has gone to UEFA – surprise surprise. It seems they have admitted that the Eduardo punishment will only be a one off and they will not issue an ‘anti-diving directive’, basically meaning Eduardo got banned because the Tabloids picked up on it and the Scots FA moaned their pokey little arses off to serial twat Platini to ban our Croazillian.

I have said before that if the ban is followed up by a big incentive from UEFA and its not a one off, it is totally fine with me. At the end of the day Eduardo dived, we all know that and even though Wenger has tried to defend him, in which there is nothing wrong with, we all know what he did.

The real spiky issue is how it has all been done. It has lead to two very strongly worded statements from Arsenal, something we have not really seen in a while:

Tues 1st

‘We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa’s explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced.  It is also critical that Uefa provides specific details of the processes it plans to adopt in reviewing all games under its jurisdiction.’

Thus 3rd

‘We strongly believe that the decision taken is deeply flawed and not based on any forensic review of the video evidence available.

There are obvious errors and inconsistencies in Uefa’s judgment and we intend to appeal.’

With UEFA supposedly admitting ‘that there are no plans to institute a regular programme of video referral for matches under its jurisdiction or issue an anti-diving directive’ Arsenal have decent grounds for appeal because if this two game ban is not going to be enforced on every player in Europe that takes a tumble its pretty clear to see there have been other influences in a decision. Its a bit like two guys going to punch someone and the Police, under a new scheme attempting to eradicate people punching each other, charge one of the guys because he is well known and it gets put on the front pages, but the other guy can just walk home and get on with his life. This is set to run and run I’m afraid chaps.

Oh piss off. Cesc is going nowhere. OK?

B52 has said that he see’s himself as a central player in the future despite palying out on the left a few times last season and on the right this season. He is the latest in a long line of players looking to play through the middle, we have van Persie, Walcott and Arshavin wanting to play through the center. Maybe we will eventually have a formation of 2-2-2-2-2 with all our players wanting to play in the center?

I really like Bendtner and my opinion on him has changed this past year, I thought he may well be on his way out of the club in the summer that has just passed at the start of last season but he has improved and he is still only very young. Sometimes that is forgotten because he has been around a while.

In an ideal world he would be in the middle but he does give the option of the cross field ball out to the right hand side that has proved pretty effective so far this season. have taken off the Wenger chant after the club threatened them with legal action but still sells it. I’d rather see it just taken off for poor sales to be totally honest.

Right, I’m off to fight the tabloid funded Ku Klux Klan in their efforts to burn Eduardo at the stake to force an admission that he didn’t only dive but that he is also in possession of a nuclear trigger that, if pressed, would leave the United Kingdom nothing but a big hole in the ground filling slowly with sea-water. These foreigners eh?

till tomorrow.

5 Responses to “Arsenal have grounds for Eduardo appeal + Amazon UK withdraw chant”

  1. Test message

  2. Is it any coincidence that we have 11 inside forwards. Perse is not a target man. B52 the jury is still out. Will Theo make the grade? Gael is a liability and has to go. We r not the same team without the best midfielder in the World and have no back up when he’s not playing. The inexperience is still there for all to see. Forget the bet Arsene u have nothing to prove and have missed another transfer window. I don’t want to make it to the semis and lose anymore. Please buy and bring in Silverware

  3. Sharpers, we have Eduardo.

  4. Platini doesn’t like Wenger and Arsenal, that’s why Eduardo is penalised. Nothing will happen to Rooney because he’s English.

  5. It’s true Pratini doesnt like Wenger & I’m gettin really pissd with the issue, far too much attentn it’s gettin.
    Which Gael is Sharpers talkin abt- Clichy? A joke.
    I ,quite partially, agree with Bendtner.

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