Arsenal fans must NOT respond to the Wenger chant

In Arsenal FC on September 3, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Alright you lot,

for the very first time the Wenger chant was discussed on the radio this morning. Yes, it is 13 years too late but something has to be done about this chant. United are the main culprits but as seen here, Sp*rs fans are fond of it too.

It was discussed on Radio 5 Live on the Victoria Derbyshire show, the same one that discussed the Phil Brown spitgate saga last season, and made him look like a total and utter div in the process.

There are untold amounts of Arsenal blogs that have brought this to the attention of the media and the Mirror’s John Cross has published his column today condemning the chant, along with Marina Hyde in the Guardian.

Sir Alex blew his top when he got a few choice words shouted at him at the Grove last season, it wasn’t anything like the stuff Wenger has had to deal with down the years but look at how he reacted… Wenger has had to put up with being called a Pedophile for the last thirteen years for christ sake. We are lucky we have such a graceful manager.

Alex probably got called a ‘demento tw*t’ or something along those lines by a few supporters. Wenger gets ‘sit down you pedophile’ from about 30 thousand Mancs. A bit different?

The fact that, ITunes and Amazon were, and are, ( aside now) selling a CD of United chants featuring that song. They are within their rights to sell it I’m afraid, I have not commented on it before today and I feel that whilst it is right we should complain about it, we should also try not to draw too much attention to it so the success of the CD is minimal and the establishments ditch the CD for poor sales. I think that would be a bit sweeter myself.

There is only one way to respond to these chants and that is to follow the boss’s example, I would not advise responding with chants about Munich. That just makes us as bad as them. One day these chants will come back to bite United in the arse, just like the Sol Campbell chants did to a couple of Sp*rs fans who had police action taken against them.

I echo Arseblog’s sentiments when he says that the ‘new media’ have been the ones to really push the issue this time round and brought it up to the big time media if you like.

It has to be said our fans are not whiter than white. They have sung some pretty nasty stuff in their time, at Sp*rs in particular with some anti-semitic chants sung at them, it came to the point where our own fans took action against the club because they found it offensive to themselves. The club have stamped down on this and rightly so. I can never condone chants like those and I’m not going to say what they were as I don’t want to end up having to explain myself in court. You can probably find them on YouTube.

The whole of football is riddled with disgusting chants, remember the Adebayor chant? I think the difference with the Wenger one is the length of time it has gone on and not been brought up by anyone. Finally it looks to be changing and about time too.

People talk about diving in the game, common abuse aimed at players and managers is a far bigger problem in my view. There is a younger generation of fans coming through and if they get hold of the abuse habit it will not go away for a long time.

Lets just hope its sorted eh.

till tomorrow.


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