Two new contracts – no new arrivals – cue mayhem

In Arsenal FC on September 2, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I thought I would leave todays post a little later. There have been two main responses to our lack of action in the transfer market yesterday, the ‘OH MY GOD WE ARE SCREWED’ reaction, and the ‘oh well there is nothing we can do about it now’ reaction.

Mine is of the latter, the only player I think we needed was cover for Alex Song for if he got injured and when he is on ACN duty with Cameroon. I was pretty hopeful we might bring in a player like Blaise Matuidi but it didn’t happen and we mustn’t dwell on it.

As you will be able to tell by the live commentary I did throughout yesterday, it dawned pretty quickly that nothing was going on. There were people on the comments who were not happy bunnies about us only acquiring one player this transfer window, and I admit, I expected more players to arrive and said Wenger’s work is probably still far from done when we signed Vermaelen back in June.

The person that knows this squad best is not a journalist from the Sun, Mirror or Daily Mail. Hell, even Stan Collymore does not know as much as he thinks he does about Arsenal. Arsene Wenger knows this squad best and we just have to trust that he has made the right decisions over the summer.

The only papers with squiggles on are the new contracts signed my Denilson and Bendtner that were announced today, the club has adopted a safety first policy this summer, tying down several big players to new long term contracts. This has probably been enforced more rigorously since Flamini left for Milan.

This season we really need to get behind the team, no more booing, no more groaning and moaning. We have spent 25 million this year and sold players bringing in 40 million, yet we are a stronger side than we were last time out. All was not well in the team last season and that has been addressed by Wenger it seems, there is no stench of laziness around this squad I can tell you.

Liverpool are not as strong, United are not as strong and I think Chelsea are weaker without Hiddink. In general English football has weakened over the summer, is it for the better? I don’t think so. The gap between fourth and fifth has narrowed though, considerably so and Citeh have had a decent start to the season, as have Sp*rs. They will not be easy teams to beat this season but still lack an edge I feel.

Im happy with this Arsenal squad, happy with anything but the amount of injuries they pick up. If I was going to ask for a big signing it would be for top notch medical staff.

You may have wondered why I have not mentioned the Eduardo situation. I don’t think UEFA know what they have let themselves in for. In a few months time lets see how many of these bans have been handed out.

I bet there is less than three. That says it all.

Thats that for today, more tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Two new contracts – no new arrivals – cue mayhem”

  1. I felt the same way about signing one or two players too, but as you rightly pointed out we have to move on. This said, I am begining to see the strength in the squard hat we have. I hope that they respond positively.

  2. I’m quite happy with the arsenal team,especially when we’ve got Nasri,Rosicky,Fabregas and Walcott to come back.
    I’m just concerned that with Van-persi leading arsenals attack this team wont win any trophies,he’s not prolific enough. Bentner SHOULD get a longer run in the team!
    EVERY team apart frm city is weakened now,chelski will miss ESSIEN,DROGBA,KALOU when ANC comes.
    I’ve just heard the SICKENING MANURE chants to wenger,even more shocking is that those asshole fans also had KIDS with them! Wenger and arsenal wont 4get this experience!

  3. Less than three bans.

    My money is on this being the first and the last. The whole thing is an absolute mystery.

  4. I’m happy with the squad we have. I’m just not sure we are lining our current players up in their strongest positions. Namely Arshavin as a left wing, and RvP as our center striker. Andrey’s fitness is what first comes to mind at that spot on the pitch, but more than that he seems to do his best work in a crowd. He’s very quick but not fast meaning he’s not just going to beat a lot of defenders to the long balls by speed alone. I think Arshavin would be a better asset to the team in a more central role. With Van Persie its more of a question of can he be the big man up front. Talent wise its yes hands down, and although he’s had an unlucky start he can be productive in that spot. But I can’t help but wonder how Bendtner would do in that role with his size and ability to head home goals. I would love to see AW try this line-up at least once:
    Sagna Clichy
    Denilson Cesc
    RVP NB52

    Just a thought…

  5. @ kc

    Your formation will make us too narrow.
    I like the idea of Arshavin playing through the middle and I think he’ll get the opportunity in the current set-up as the strikers get more used to interchanging.

  6. -apparently, there r still reasonable pple supporting Arsenal FC judging by d comments above, which can only be good for d club.
    -It turns out still that Monsieur Wenger’s belief in that squad is unwavering.
    -The squad is BIG considering d nmbr of players we have injured, no doubt.
    Watch out!!! The Media will be out with all sorts of blades; swords, knives, staves & whatnot in the form of baseless articles to murder our team’s confidence the nxt time we dnt win a game, but it’s left to us to choose where we will stand when that happens coz I bet u, it will.
    Honestly, I read d blog yestrday bt cldnt bring myself to comment coz d remaining bit of dissappntmnt in me hadn’t gone away.
    Nice post goonblogger.

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